❤️[CH7] Wimarn Montra (Dida) : BigM Krittarit/Toon Pimpavee


sarNie Adult
This lakorn started out so good but when it went to the modern time it was SO STUPID. I can’t believe it took one of the worst turns and it started to get so dumb and all the characters in the new life like the couples are so annoying and cringey!!

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
This lakorn was VERY underwhelming. Usually Dida lakorns entertain me, no matter how bad the script is or the editing is, most Dida lakorns have elements that amuse me and keep me somewhat focused. This lakorn was for the most part boring.

I would cut some slack for Duandara, she lived a crazy and unstable upbringing and for no reason her aunt was a complete biatch to her. What she did in that brothel was understandable. Dara isn't evil, she just has a compulsion to get even with people and no one in her life was really kind to her other than her mother and now Saeng her husband. People are just rude to her for no reason. The servant Erb for example was completely unreasonable towards her and since she is in the position as a servant, she has no respect for Dara. I would have found some reason to get her kicked out of the house and considering how in love with Dara, Saeng was in the beginning, I think Dara could have gotten rid of Erb. One of the problems I had with this lakron was the endless fighting between the servants, I just don't care and Erb constantly being catty and bitter was annoying and frustrating. It would have been a bit more interesting if Saeng's mother and Dara met and fought face to face rather than Erb just meddling in everything. Saeng's mother and Dara don't even meet for the entire lakorn. Dara genuinely loves Saeng and she never does anything to anyone first, she only retaliates to people's cruelty and selfishness. Dara is really quite pitiful, she's too good for Saeng. When Saeng tells her that she doesn't know how to love anyone, it is ridiculous, of course she loves Saeng. She loves him so unconditionally too. Saeng is just an asshat, he spews about his fair and equal love to both wives and we both know that he doesn't love Dara as much as Ploy. This lakorn just emphasizes how entitled men are.

Ploy is a bitch in both lifetimes. I understand her behaviour towards Serm in the beginning when she tries to get him to leave her alone and eventually he does. But her behaviour towards him afterwards is just mean. She can't even treat him nicely in a platonic matter, she's always so rude to him even when he's just trying to help. I love how she knows that she shouldn't break up a marriage and she says she doesn't want to but the second her grandma or Erb push her to become a mistress she's just like "okay". If she really didn't want to do it, no temptation would stop her. Ploy in the second lifetime is just as much as a bitch as her in the first life. She's so rude to Trin, I don't get how he falls for her. She's never nice to him and she's whiny and annoying. I hated Toon's characters in this lakorn, she was so likeable in Sanaeha Maya but here I couldn't stand her. It doesn't help that she and BigM don't have a lot of chemistry. This lakorn seems like a waste for BigM. He's a top p'ek but he's in here for less than half of the lakorn. When he appears in each episode, it is only once for a couple of minutes. His role was also super insignificant in both lifetimes.

The relationships in the second lifetime were so forced and uninteresting. Basically nothing happens for each couple. And what's with Nat's character. She gets the short end of the stick in both lifetimes. She dies giving birth in the first and in the second she gets raped. Like what the hell, and then all is well when she ends up with her guy despite her obviously not loving him. And what about her baby? And what about her murdering her rapist? There are so many loose ends in this lakorn. The ending was so rushed, I feel like the leads still have no idea what was going on and they know barely anything about their past. Plus, Loong Samlee needed to be more fleshed out, he just all of a sudden appears and we don't know much about him other than the fact that he's a witch doctor and he for some reason loves Dara so much that he arranges for immortality for her, we have no idea why he's so attached to her. And why do we not get an explanation for why Dara adopts the three girls other than the fact that Loong Samlee wants her to. The modern scenes make no sense. There was absolutely no connection between the leads with their past lives other than them dreaming about it. The editing was decent in the past scenes but in the modern scenes they were soooo choppy and typical of Dida.

I certainly hope Peek Hong is better than this.