❤️[CH3] Fah Fak Ruk (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn / Mint Chalida


sarNie Oldmaid
Saw some of the BTS yesterday and the cast looks like they're all having a lot of fun together. It's cute. I hope this lakorn does well for all of them.
I hope so too! The plot sounds intense but the BTS cast will make up for it if it become too much to handle hehe.
His name is Mack(sp?), a singer turned actor. He was a praek at ch7 for a couple of evening lakorn, I wonder if he's a freelancer.
Do you have his full name? He looked familiar.


sarNie OldFart
There you go lol. I follow his ex girlfriend Fai. They were so cute, so sad they broke up.
Mac is a very handsome guy. Him and Fai were really cute. She was in the Cupid series playing as rai. She a pretty decent actress. I really like her in Office Syndrome lakorn by Workpoint.


sarNie Oldmaid
Mac Weerakaniz is his name, Just followed him on instagram yesterday hehehe
Thank you! I knew he looked familiar. He was in Plerng Toranong w/ Mario M. & Taew. I haven’t seen him ever since then. It’s been so long. He still looks like the same young kid but he’s probably way older than what i think he is lol.


sarNie OldFart
All lakorn costumes are that...costumes ...lol....they just stick to 1 concept...

Girl is shy/innocent...pretty outfits

Nrai - always slutty

I know my outfit it's not just one type