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sorry for not checkin up. i've been killer busy, but i will get back into the groove of wiki by next week. anyone with questions or concerns post it up or PM me ok.

thanks to every hard worker still working on the wiki!! ;)


Just plain obsessed
I'm trying to create a Wiki page for Peck and Aof, but I don't have any of their info...so if anyone does, it would be great if you could help...


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Just plain obsessed


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lol i started a page for peck and then added some stuff to aof's page but i aint list his albums. dat would take me days. i think i'm done though. i'll just leave what's dere haha. it's enough info lol


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I've tried logging in and it didn't work. Kept on saying there was an error. Don't know what the problem was.


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whats the error message? It hasn't been down at all (except for the few minutes of me playing around).

You got a screenshot of the error message?