❋❋❋Ruk Tur Niran∞(I Love You Eternally∞)❋❋❋ BANG RAJUN : THE AFTER-LIFE (CH.1)


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Aaah such a sweet video! ^^ great job!
Lol I used their death as my avi because I love that photo! It's sad but too beautiful to me and gives me all the right feels since I miss SUANG and BR so much.


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Ahh, I just realised that Prang and Phet's birthday are five days apart. Soo sweet I'm completely off topic but I love PRAHET to the core...i cant wait for the post of this ff. How many days left until your midterm is over so you can post it up? *cant wait any longer-deprived of Prang-Phet*


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thanks <3
yups :) Prahet are exactly a year and five says apart eeeeeks !! My midterm is tomorrow kekeke so you know what that means...I'll have an update real soon. <3


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@ip.smilez. I'm obsessed with your video! I can't wait to read your fanfic. Love love the synopsis. Break a leg on those midterms!


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I hope you are acing your midterms...really cant wait to read the first chapter. When will it be uploaded? Sorry if I bother you but I just get enough of PRAHET...i also found out that you are doing a slap/kiss ff of PRAHET called lets go home, love is waiting? Where can i find it? Thank you:D


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Thank you so much for waiting patiently. I am stalling on my FF because I have another midterm this Wed that I didn't even know about. Ouiiiiiiii....sorry sorrrry na
Yesssss, I have two prahet FF that I will be writing. I haven't posted "Let's go home, love is waiting," yet but I'll have that one up hopefully after this semester :)


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ip.smilez said:
Thank you so much for waiting patiently. I am stalling on my FF because I have another midterm this Wed that I didn't even know about. Ouiiiiiiii....sorry sorrrry na
Yesssss, I have two prahet FF that I will be writing. I haven't posted "Let's go home, love is waiting," yet but I'll have that one up hopefully after this semester :)
"Let's go home, love is waiting" sounds too ekkkk.. I'm in love.. I don't know the story line yet but sounds like they are happily married. LOL  :dance1:


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I hope you are doing well in your exams...really looking forward to the fan fictions...can't wait!!!

Oh yeah...im also looking for to Khap's Diary as well...eeeks so excited!!!


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“I, Phu Kong KlaHan pledge with my life to accept this mission as the undercover cop who will undergo identity change to investigate on the illegal drug trade that is currently on-going in the slums of Bangkok. Even after knowing there is no guarantee if I will return back alive, I, Phu Kong KlaHan will risk my life to protect our people from the criminals and illicit drugs that are still causing uproar in our country. Thank you Hua Naa for entrusting me with this big task, I promise I won’t disappoint you. Kub pohm.”   Hua Naa Burinaam proudly nods his head to Phu Kong KlaHan’s pledge that KlaHan made in front of him and their team. “Our meeting is adjourned. You all may leave.” KlaHan’s colleagues each gave him hugs congratulating him on his new mission and wish for him to come back safe and sound. Like his name, his bravery is admired among his colleagues.

(Introducing Yam as Jan)
“Phu Kong,” Jan chased after Klahan. “Phu Kong, wait for me.”
K: Oh Jan, what’s up? She took her hand out of her pocket, “Here.” and handed him a bracelet, “I made this lucky bracelet to help protect you during your mission. Please wear it at all times. I want you to come back safely.” Jan’s voice cracked at the end of her sentence.
K: Thanks Jan. He stuck out his hand for the bracelet
J: Here, let me help you put it on
K: Uhh it’s fine. I can do it myself
J: No, stay still. She laced up the bracelet tightly on his wrist, “All done.” Klahan gave her a smile in appreciation. “Thanks Jan. Thanks for everything.” He looks at his watch, “It’s time for me to go tidy up my things. I’ll see you later.” Jan held back her tears and before Klahan got the chance to take a step forward, she hugs Klahan. The sudden hug startled Klahan, “Is there something wrong?”
J: This isn’t a goodbye right?
K: Of course not.
J: “I’m scared…This mission is dangerous, I…” Klahan pulled  Jan away from him so she can face him, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back in no time.” Klahan pat her shoulder and nodded his head, “Go on, Hua Naa will be looking for you soon.” He looked at his watch again, “I really have to go now. See you.” He paced to his office leaving Jan behind, “Klahan, I want to tell you that I…I love you.”   

Saithong Farm

S: You asked for me? Singha chewed his apple with his mouth wide open. “Close your mouth when you are eating and don’t talk with your mouth full.” Singha’s father Poom Saithong pointed his finger at his son, “I almost forgot to tell you. Make sure you don’t scare off the guests who are arriving here on Thursday. One of our guest is a lifestyle editor who will be covering a spread on our Saithong Farm and a team will also be here to do a photoshoot on our farm.” Singha nearly choked on his apple, “What?”
D: Last week when you and Klahan were out of town, your mother and I did an interview and photoshoot in advance so that leaves you and Klahan left.”
S: Waaaaiiiitttt! Who gave whoever they are…permission to come to our FARM?
D: Your mother
D: And I agreed.
S: Pops, you already know I dislike outsiders coming to our farm.
D: Well you’re going to have to deal with it. Besides it will be nice for once to see our farm featured in a magazine. 
Mom: Yes, what is it son? Singha’s mother ran down the stairs while hooking the back of her earring on. “I thought I would be hearing you yelling out for me by now.”


**Introducing Thap/Juan's mom as Sang/Singha's mom**

S: Pops just told me that you agreed…
M: Stop. She didn’t let him finish his sentence, “Throughout the years, many magazine companies contacted us to ask if they could feature us in their magazines, however since your father and I  considered your feelings and how you felt towards outsiders coming into our farm, I decided why not this time? I would like to break some rules and you have no say. Understand?
S: But…
M: No buts. Go ask Tian to come help you bring down the bags and luggage. I don’t want me and your father to be late for our flight. And not to mention, I do not want to return back home and hear from Tian that you scared off our guests. Go now.
S: What in the world is going on here? Singha stormed up the staircase in rage.
D: I hope he doesn’t try to whip out his gun at them
M: Trust me he won’t pulling his gun out this time. Pai pai pai, let’s go before the streets get even busier than it already is.

Mongkut Boxing Club 
CheunJai quickly unraveled the boxing bandages from her sweaty palms, “Dek dek, today I have an urgent place I need to go so class is cut short by an hour. We will meet again tomorrow.” She dashed to the wooden cubbies located at the front door to grab her duffel bag. 
“Ey, where are you going? Your class isn’t over until 5pm.” Wayut(Erb) cross his arms on his chest, “Yea, where are you going?” Wayut’s twin brother Prayut(Chuang) appeared behind him, 

**Introducing Been (ERB) as Wayut and Sarun (Chuang) as Prayut**
“Don’t tell me…..” Prayut jogged next to Cheunjai, “You never end your classes early, are you going on a date? With who? Do I…. ”  “Hey hey hey! How many times do I have to remind you brothers to stop meddling in K’Cheunjai’s business? Get back to work now.” Prayut pout “You’re not going to tell me?” Cheunjai undid her ponytail and tied her hair back up to a messy bun, “P’Champ, I’m leaving early today. I’ll stay behind tomorrow.”
Champ: That’s fine. See you tomorrow. Cheunjai ran pass the brothers “Oh, you can’t leave yet. I need to know where you are going.” Wayut put a hand on his brother’s shoulder, “Ai Pra, just give up now. You have been wooing her for two years.” “Ouiiii, arom sia jing jing. Don’t kill my vibe.” Prayut shook his brother’s hand off of his shoulder.
Champ: Ai Wayut, Ai Prayut, are you two going to stand there all day? GO wipe down the boxing ring. “KUBBB”

Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital
“I'm looking for FaiRoong Kinnaree.”
Nurse: Take the elevator to second floor and make the first left. Your destination will be at the end of the hall." “Thanks.” Cheunjai couldn’t wait for the elevator anymore so she took the flight of stairs to second floor. She tapped on Dok Kaew’s name on her phone and called her, “Hello! Hello! Dok Kaew I'm here. I'm running up the stairs now.”
D: Okay ka. I'll come get you. Cheunjai pushed the heavy door with all her might and met Dok Kaew halfway. Dok Kaew grabbed Cheunjai's hand, “Reep ka.” Pacing back and forth at the end of the hall, there stood the anxious Thadin.
C: P'Thadin
T: Cheunjai. She patted his arm and smiled at him “Jai yen yen si ka.” He returned a nervous smile, “Kub.” Seconds later, a baby's cries echoed through the halls of Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital. "Lue kaung P maa laaeo kub." Thadin rushed to the doors of the delivering room where a nurse led him inside. Dok Kaew and Cheunjai gave each other a tight squeeze and they both squealed at the same time "We're both aunties now."

Thadin cradled his daughter in his arms.."Oh..oh..oh...lue urie…don't cry my dear, don't cry. Daddy's here. Daddy couldn’t wait to see you. Do you know how long your mother and I have waited to meet you?” Thadin lowered his head to kiss their little miracle.  FaiRoong’s eyes slowly opened when she heard his words. She couldn’t control her emotions and broke into loud cries. Thadin laid their daughter carefully in the cradle and walked over to her. "What's wrong my love?"
F: I don't know why I am an emotional wreck right now. I don't know why I'm feeling this way. Thadin hugged FaiRoong in his arms, "I love our daughter as much as I love her mother." He planted a kiss on her forehead and cradled her in his chest "Close your eyes and rest my dear." FaiRoong snuggled closer to her husband. Thadin’s warmth helped ease FaiRoong and she soon fell asleep in his arms.

Dok Kaew peek her head inside of Cheunjai’s car, “I can’t hold in my question in any longer. Since you’re here with me, I’m going to ask you the question, “Will you be my model for my upcoming magazine spread? Na na na, please. Dok Kaew grabbed on Cheunjai’s arm, “Na P’Cheunjai kohn suay.”
C: I don’t have the qualities to be model, look at me. Cheunjai’s hair was a mess and her sweat pants were all tattered up. “It’s best if you go ask someone else.”
D: No. I want you to be my model. C’mon, I need a model by Thursday and Thursday is in two days.  Our niece is already here, I won’t have time to go look for a model. Na na na P! Na!!! Dok Kaew gave Cheunjai a pitiful set of puppy eyes that have always helped her get her way. Cheunjai fidgeted in her seat and hesitated to answer her, “Ughhhhh fine.”
C: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thanks P!! You are the best, I can always count on you. I’ll text you more information about the location and what you will be doing after I inform Khun Boss that I’ve found a model. JUBS. And thank you for dropping me off at work. 

Dok Kaew blew Cheunjai a kiss before she turned around. Cheunjai watched as Dok Kaew entered safely inside her work building before driving off.
Saithong Farm
Klahan arrived to a quiet and empty house. “Uncle Poom and Aunt Samai are probably off to Cancun for their anniversary. Ai Singggghhhhh, SINGHAAA. Where are you? I’m home!! Let’s go ride horses eh!” Klahan then heard a loud gunshot coming from the side gates of Saithong Farm, “Uh oh, he sure likes to keep himself busy.” Klahan grabbed his motorcycle and ran out of the house.   

“I will only count to three, this time I won’t aim at the air. One, two, three” Singha intentionally shot at the ground missing the man’s foot.” From ahead, Klahan saw a van parked by the side and two men were hanging out while Singha and some guy brawled. He parked his bike and approached the two men, “Hey!” He hit one of them with his helmet, “stay on the ground or else I’ll shoot your head off.” (Saithong Farm is also Klahan’s home so he is just as overprotective as Singha.)

S: Klahan!!
K: I’ll take care of the rest. He walked forward to the other guy who had his hand up to surrender, “Don’t do anything to me. We are here for a good reason. Please don’t hurt me.” He got down on his knees “Please don’t hurt me.” Klahan’s phone went off, “Aunt Samai.”
A.S: Klahan!! Good that you answered your phone because Singha didn't answer any of my calls. I forgot to inform you and Singha that we have three new planters coming in today. Don’t let Singha do anything to them. Your uncle and I are boarding now. I will be clicking now. Bye.

K: OH! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US THAT YOU ALL ARE THE NEW PLANTERS? Klahan shouted at the man on his knees, “I couldn’t. My brother over there, *the man pointed at the guy on the ground by Singha* didn’t get the chance to tell that guy over there because he brought out his gun.” Klahan shook his head and raised his voice, “AI SINGH!!!”

Saithong House

S: It’s not my fault my parents didn’t inform me ahead of time that today we have new planters coming in.
K: Well, you could have at least asked them nicely who they were.
S: P! Are you kidding me? You hit that guy with your helmet without asking who he was either so aren’t you contradicting yourself?
K: You’re right. Klahan scratched his head, “I was in the moment and had thought they were intruders. But still, this all wouldn’t have gone down if you asked them who they were. Anyways, I have something to tell you.”
S: What is it?
Bangkok's Special Task Force is in need for someone to go undercover for them so Hua Naa assigned me that position. I am required to move to Bangkok. 
Singha leaned forward and slapped his hands on the desk, “You’re telling me that you’re moving to Bangkok?”
K: It is my duty to protect our country from those scums. If I have to move out to Bangkok, then I will. I’m leaving tonight.
S: Be careful out there P. I won't even ask you what you're suppose to do because that is your business. Before you leave, I need your help.
K: What is it?
S: You said you’re leaving tonight right?
K: Yes.
S: Do you have to leave by tonight though? Can you leave on Friday instead?
K: I plan to leave by tonight but if there is something you need me to help you with, I can stay a little longer.
K: So are you going to tell me what’s up or not?
Singha smirked, “This will be fun.”

“This life time…I ask to love only “--------------“ I ask to only have one love. Don’t have the country brand me as a woman with two hearts. In the next life….in my next life, I’ll love you………”
“OUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.” The frustrated Klahan jumped out of bed, “Because of your damn loud snores, I didn’t get to hear what else she had to say.”  KlaHan yelled at Singha as if Singha was awake. He tossed a pillow at the drooling Singha. “It’s best if I go out for a jog.” With the woman’s words still fresh in his mind, Klahan's heart raced unsteadily for he felt her voice is very familiar; A voice that he hasn't heard for a long time and one his heart has been missing.
D: Thanks again for agreeing to be my model.
Cheunjai smiled nervously, “I am worried the photos won’t come out beautiful because of me.”
D: You’re already beautiful as you are so you don’t have to worry. Just take a deep breath then you’ll be fine. Look look, we’re approaching Saithong Farm. Both Dok Kaew and Cheunjai look of out their windows in amazement,
“Wow Saithong Farm is beautiful, the air is also refreshing.”
The driver honked at the front gate and the gateman came to his window, “We are Bangkok’s Cosmopolitan team and we are scheduled to do a photoshoot and interview today.” The gateman stared down the clipboard and buzzed them in.
D: Ahhhhh finally we’re in Saithong Farm.
C: Finally? Cheunjai made a confused face.
D: Yes finally. K’Boss told me that K’Poom Saithong, the owner of Saithong Farm’s son Singha doesn’t allow anyone to step foot here so K’Poom and his wife K’Samai did as he wanted for many years. Our company is probably the 30th company who contacted to feature their farm in a magazine and we got lucky. Recently, K’Poom returned our call and last week K’Boss immediately sent one of my colleague here to interview K”Poom and K’Samai without their son’s acknowledgment. Today, I am the one who has to interview him. Not only am I here to interview him, I will be interviewing his cousin Klahan as well.
C: From what you’re telling me, Singha sounds scary
D: He does sound scary but I came here to do my job so scary or not, he has to go through with the interview.
Driver: K’Dok Kaew ka, we’re here.
D: Ka. P’Cheunjai let’s get going.
Spying out of the window, Singha and Klahan watched as two vans pull up the driveway.
S: They’re here
K: I have eyes. I can clearly see that they are here. Singha playfully nudged Klahan, “I told Tian to let all the planters know that I want no one at the farm today so right now, the farm is completely empty. Are you ready for this?” Singha raised up his water gun in the air
K: Ready or not, let’s have some fun before I leave. Klahan tapped his water gun against Singha. "Let's go!" 

Cheunjai, Dok Kaew and the rest of the crew waited out at the front for someone to come greet them but there was no one in sight. One of the team members dropped his bag on the floor, “We have been standing here for 45 minutes and the owner hasn’t come out to welcome us. I am literally drenched in my own sweat?”
D: Remember that we are the ones who asked to come here so none of us should be complaining.
C: Dok Kaew, I don’t want your team to wait too long. Everyone is exhausted from the car ride so I can understand why some of us are feeling impatient. Plus time is money. Come on, lets go search around this area to see if we could find someone.
D: Ka P’. Team team, stay here and don’t go anywhere. There is food in the van so feel free to help yourself. We both will be back. They both paced to the back of the house to look for someone.


D: We did not even see one single worker.  Dok Kaew fan herself with her hands, “It’s so hot and I am out of breath.”
C: How about we separate here. You go that direction and I go look for someone over there.
D: Ka, be careful
C: You too. See you in a bit.

D: “Hello, is anyone here? I am from Bangkok’s Cosmopolitan magazine team and will like to know where K’Singha is. Hello? Huiiiiiiiiiiii. There’s no one here. Saithong Farm is a ghost farm…huii just speaking of ghosts gave me goosebumps. It’s best if I return to the team.” Dok Kaew took a few steps to turn and from behind, she felt a strong presence. Dok Kaew had a lump in her throat so she coughed loudly thinking maybe her coughs would scare away the thing that is behind her. The steps on the gravel became more distinctive and she could feel it getting closer to her. “One, two, three AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Dok Kaew closed her eyes and swung her fist at the thing that felt like a person. “OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Cheunjai took off her shades and rubbed her eyes.”Am I at a farm or a desert? There is not one single soul out here.” Her eyes loosely wondered around her surrounding and something caught her attention. Cheunjai’s lips curved into a smile and her eyes lit up, “Ouiii, my favorite sour fruit that I have been craving for.” Since there isn’t a single soul here, no one will ever know that I picked a fruit off of this tree.” She walked over to the giant sour fruit tree, “Which one should I pick?” Her mouth watered at the thought of devouring the sour fruit. She cracked her knuckles and stretched out her arms then she analyzed the tree carefully to see where she will start her climb. Cheunjai was ready to jump but suddenly, someone grabbed her shoulder, “what do you think you’re doing?” Caught off guard, Cheunjai grabbed the hand and threw that person over her shoulder. “Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiii JEPPPP.”  
To be continued….


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Just finished class and read your story and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. You really set the tone well and gave me the BR feels...eeeks... Cant wait to know what happens next! Keep it coming!!!


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How nice to have Yam guest star/be a part of this. Hmm are you gona pair her with someone too or no? She totally looks the part of a female cop.
The twins:) they're here too!! P'Got ouii. Congrats to Thadin & Fairoong! At least this time he gets to hold their baby.
Ohohoho perhaps our Klahan will be mesmerized with Cheunjai's beauty all over again. Almost like casting an invisible spell. Onto my favorite bickering couple, LET THE GAME BEGIN HOORAH HOORAH!! ROUND ONE FIGHT!

cool :)

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I'm liking this so far! They finally meet again!! :cry: BR feels all over again haha. Lovingg it smilez !! :heart: