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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [GMM25] You Fight, and I Love (GMMTV / Anda99): Joss Way-ar / Love Pattranite

    One of the series announced during the GMMTV 2022 launch. This is a romantic action series from the same production team as "An Eye for an Eye". I'm happy that Love is being launched as a leading lady, and this is Win's younger brother Mick's first series. As Victor is also into boxing, he...
  2. inbetweener_guy

    [WeTV] The Revenge (Kongthup Production): Mook Worranit / Nonkul Chanon

    Part of WeTV's original drama lineup for 2022. Looks like this is a new production company owned by Kate Thunthup. A number of people in the cast are from GMMTV.
  3. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] Revenge from the Past (The One Enterprise): Bee Namthip / Art Phasut / Marie Broenner / Bright Norrapat

    Khun Plammi (director of "Hua Jai Sila" and the recent Tao-Fern drama) appears to have started shooting a drama with working title "Revenge", based on the hashtag in his latest IG story. Someone in Pantip commented (see link above) that Bright Norraphat had...
  4. inbetweener_guy

    ❤[GMM25] Drag, I Love You (GMMTV / Sparkling Blue Productions): Grace Kanklao / Luke Plowden

    Looks like aside from "Darling in Law", Sparking Blue and GMMTV are collaborating for another drama. Someone working for Sparkling Blue posted this in their IG account a few days ago.
  5. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] A Gift to the People You Hate (GMMTV): Toni Rakkaen / Yayaying Rhatha / Mek Jirakit / Namtan Tipnaree / Victor Zheng

    Amongst the 13 series that GMMTV announced in their event last November, IMO this is the most intriguing. I think this is the darkest concept that GMMTV has to-date, and I'm so looking forward to see this. This has the same director as "Happy Birthday" (which is a really really good drama), and...
  6. inbetweener_guy

    [GMM25] Fleet of Time (Artop Media): Bank Thiti / Pattie Ungsumalynn / Victor Zheng

    This is a remake of the 2014 Chinese film with the same title. This started airing last June 17th (MonTue 2125 to 2225H timeslot). This is also currently streamable at Viki.
  7. whitedove

    [GMM25] Bangkok Rak Stories - Please : Fon Sananthachat / Baitoei Zuvapit / Meiko Chonnikan

    Produced by GMM BRAVO!, this is one part of a 4-part series of Bangkok Rak Stories. Based on the song of the same name by Atom, Please will start airing on July 15th, every Saturday at 5pm. Official teaser for Bangkok Rak Stories: Official trailer for Please: Starring: Fon Sananthachat...
  8. whitedove

    [GMM25]Love Songs Love Series To Be Continued

    Starts 1 March 2017, every Wednesday-Thursday at 8pm. This is a continuation of Love Songs Love Series: Prom Likit from last year, starring James and Belle. Official poster: Official trailer:
  9. L

    [GMM 25] U Prince Series

    U Prince Series   Another series of the year and there are  12 parts  with 12 pra-ek and 12 nang-ek. We will know who are Pra-nang of these series on Monday 25th.   รอติดตามการเปิดตัว #uprinceseries 12 หนุ่มสุด Hot กับ 12 นางเอกสุดกรี๊ด วันจันทร์หน้า 25 มกราคม   cr.@kaewoic  
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    Various Stars (ILIKE Vol.14 No.315 January 2016)

    cr magazine dee
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    Victor Zheng (Attitude December 2015)