[WeTV] The Revenge (Kongthup Production): Mook Worranit / Nonkul Chanon


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I don't believe you, Kade lol. How is WeTV? I don't remember if I've watched anything from them.

Nevermind. From the trailer you posted on the other thread, I watched The Debut. That was a fun watch although there was some character discrepancies and one lame main character.
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I have seen mook's lakorn (1- ugly duckling)....but have not been able to watch any of her other lakorns ....I can't get into it and I don't think she has improved as an actor


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^ Despite her underwhelming acting (maybe it depends on the script and/or director), she's managed to draw in decent ratings in a number of her projects. And her "Ugly Duckling" clips are amongst the most-viewed in GMMTV's channel (but looks like these have been marked as private at the moment, I haven't checked again).

"Mia Noi" was amongst the highest-rating dramas of GMM25 in 2019 (until it was surpassed by Nune and Joss' which aired towards the end of that year). "Oh My Boss" is their highest-rating drama this year, but GMM25's rating has generally sucked (imagine Baifern and Mild flopping).
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