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    Please help identify these old thai boran lakorns

    First one I'm trying to find has to do with a guy who was born retarded? When he find his chest armor, putting it on will change him into a handsome man with powers. He has multiple guys and powers in him when he uses the chest armor. The second one has a mother who gives births to 4 sons. They...
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    Name of Thai Lakorn!

    Hello there! I have been looking for the name of a thai lakorn I watched when I was a kid. All I remember about the plot was that it took place in the period of historical. The main girl and the main guy were in love but the nang'rai was from a rich family, obsessed in love with the main guy...
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    Old boran movie

    What is the title to this movie? Where can I watch it with eng subs or else Hmong dubbed? The movie is about a child who was born with a burnt face along side with a mystical axe that only comes to his time of need of emergency. Through the movie, the boy along with his childhood friend had run...
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    I'm looking for this one boran. I don't remember much since I haven't seen it since I was a kid. But it's about a princess who is cursed to turn into a tiger. She hid in cage and there was cop chasing after her. The ending ends eith her returning back to her palace. Not much but that's all I...
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    Translation help!! Is it a lakorn or a boran song?D;

    Hey guys, I need help. I am so grateful if you can help tell me what it means or if you know it's a show or movie. Can you also tell me what the actresses or actors are if possible?:D Please, anything will be fine ;-; I just would like to know what the song means in English so that I can have an...