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  • i do i love thai lakorn very much, more than anything else, i prefer to watch thai lakorn when i have free time besides reading. even mine english is bad, but that's how we become better at it by practicing. do you live in thailand? i wish i was there :)
    no, i'm not thai, i'm hmong but i'm a big fan ever since i can remembered. i began watching thai at a very young age with my parents and aunt and uncle and have been watching until now. i have to say i love thai, i made it a must to go visit thailand one day :)
    my name is mai, call me emilie if u like. nice to meet u and welcome to the fourm.
    Welcome to SarNWorld ^_^..
    Enjoy your stay here.. and thanks for fulfilling some of the music requests ^_^..
    thanks once again ^_^
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