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  • What did darvil do? The website is soooo slooooooowwwww!!!
    Thanks for dropping in!
    France to Taiwan ... so when are you coming to the states? :^P
    LOL I've became a shark just because I used your words hahaha. Fine, fine you can be the nice shark I'll be the mean one =).
    I got to leave MSN because I was at right. I sign on MSN when I was waiting for the bus.
    Please dont call me that yet. Let me grad. from College with a doctor degree first and own a clinic first. LOL I dont kno wat the future hold, everything could happen.
    Yeah, I make alot by sitting in a chair. LOL. I might go visit first but work in USA so I can make money then go back open a clinic in Cambodia.
    I did, ALWAYS, they said there are nothing for me to do, I just sit in the chair and listen to music. LOL
    Only fax,filing chart, pull out chart for the next day since the clinic almost close when I'm in for work. During the summer, it was a internship but now I employee. Sometime I just sit there and do nothing cuz they did all the work. LOL
    Senior yr is a pain in the neck. I have a part time job @ Opthomology Clinic. I only work Mon,Tue,and Thur after schoo. Mon &Thur 3:30-6,Tue 3:30-5. So I really dont make that much only. Sometime I was late too work since I caught the bus.
    I like watchin the rain but dont like when I get sick cuz I'm in the rain. haha What special about ur new life? haha
    LOL thanks. You better make sure the mafias treat them well. I don't want pictures of bruises hahahaha.
    Char since you're in Taiwan, if you meet Joe Chen Qiao En or Ethan Ruan Jiang Ting can you get me a signature lol? I love them both in Fated to Love You.
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