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    [Ch3] Tawan Yor Saeng (Metta Lae Mahaniyom) : Poh Nattawut / Namtarn Pichukkana

    Here's my list of characters. Tik- Ah Lek or Uncle Lek Bella- Tawan or Yor Saeng Phet Thakrit- Noppadon or Iang Mint Natawara- Jaiboon Alex Rendell- Naren(that bad dude) Noey Chotika- Prommit Punjan- Tada Noi Bussakorn- Khun Mae Yai Aof Pongpak- Yor Saeng fake father. Aka Aren't father.
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    [Ch3] Tawan Yor Saeng (Metta Lae Mahaniyom) : Poh Nattawut / Namtarn Pichukkana

    I think Tik Jesd and Bella would be perfect. Bella has a thai ish look, based on KCP with James as Kaew, I bet she could pull off the role of Yor Saeng, plus, I think has a more of a mature look, Nam tarn doesn't seem to appeal much to me. Though I still like her but she doesn't fit these kind...
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    [Ch3] Fai Lang Fai (Maker J)

    The theme dong I'd disapointing. I wished that at least they made the ost for FLF to be strong and super rang since this drama is rang and harsh. The theme song is too sweet sounding to me and is not strong nor powerful. I wished ch3 still asked for Grammy or other song channel to sing their...
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    [Ch3] Sapai Jao (Broadcastthai)

    Lek is basically the praek lol, he has more screen time compared to pope. Plus the strip., why does he have to lie to Sa and hide from her, because of this, it makes lek more of the praek because everything focus on him.
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

    Traiphope found out about Aunt Sa's overdosing for his sister and decides to pay his father a visit by getting into a fight with his father's bodyguard. Anop and Traiphope both got into a fight with Traiphope not agreeing to his father's Decision of marrying Pimonpa. Anop orders Traiphope to get...
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

    So here's a recap of what happened in ep1 today. Started off with Atorn or Art who is P im on pa ' s boyfriend drunk driving in his car. At the same time, Aunt Sa who is Traiphope's stepmother overdose herself and almost died. Pimonpa and Sir Anon is enjoying their day together as they take...
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

    I don't care about the age gap. Poh and preem both have some hot chemistry going on. I'm tuning in. So far this year, This lakorn is the only lakorn that is able to drag me in other than the Mafia Series and Matt and greats lakorn. All the lakorns ducked this yesr. I don't really know why but it...
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

    I can help sub I just need the direction and information,
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    [CH3] Tang Parn Kammathep (TV Thunder)

    I can do English sub if you guys want, Just give me the information and directions
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    Pairings you want to see

    Kim and Tik Min and Tik Cherry and Tik for a reunion Aff and tik for a reunion Aum and tik for reunion Taew and Tik Bella and Tik Bella and Ken Matt and Ken Taew and Ken Andrew and Cherry James Ji and Mew James Ji and mint
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    [Pictures] Behind the scene of CH3 actor shooting calendar

    Ch3 is very bias when it comes to couple or actors ,especially whom to put on the face. It's to make the f c happy and make money but still, the channel needs to be more fair. Like, Chompoo and ploy, which why put them with Alex. Don't hate on me but Chompoo and Ploy are top actress too, Alex...
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    OK! 10th Anniversary Awards -- 2015 nominees

    Cherry must be like..."Where's Pee Tik?" Lol and Pee Anne?. I wished Tik had attended the award event ceremony but it's okay. He was busy filming JBJR all day.
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    [CH.True4U] Jao Wayha 3: Poo Krong Fah (6 Hanuman)

    So Pee Tik will be an Air pilot judging from the Tittle of the drama, as for Nang-ek, there's a possibility of her being a doctor. I think it would be awesome if they made this drama into a War lakorn. I don't know but anyone but War lakorns are usually really good lakorn. It's sad and dramatic...
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    [CH.True4U] Jao Wayha 3: Poo Krong Fah (6 Hanuman)

    I really wanttto see Aum P and Tik reunite again. They have a lot of chemistry together. Plus it would be a better pairing. I don't know but Mai and Tik seems like a odd pair a long with Andrew. I think he fits Janie somehow. I do like Mai but she will be a odd pair with Tik. As for Andrew and...
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    Praew Charity 2015

    I hate how the Tor and Son's hair style is. It's awful looking somehow. They should have made their hair look better.