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    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    I love por's character in this lakorn. He's so manly...! ahaha...he's cute too! :) Don't like janie's character very much right now...her attitude in the lakorn is soooo annoying...and she's so hateful to ying (cherry). Don't want this lakorn to end...
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    Por Nattawat

    Very handsome!!
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    Anne Thongprasom

    extremely beautiful!
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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    Noon and Amy are both very pretty in the pics above. Sad to say...but I prefer Noon's old hairstyle...I think she looks younger with her long hair...Nevertheless, she's still very beautiful. Her new hairstyle reminds me of those classical Chinese actresses/singers (like Teresa Teng)...
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    Tui Teerapat and Anna Natacha

    tui is still really hot!
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    Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?

    I met Sornram in St. Paul, MN in 2004! :)
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    Yaya Urassaya

    yaya always look so cute! would love to see her act with bie the star! :)
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    kob gave birth.

    According to this source, Kob had a c-section. Hope she is well rested. btw, Kob's daughter's first name is “Punnada”.
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    kob gave birth.

    so happy for kob and brook! i'm sure the baby will grow up to be as beautiful as her mom! :)
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    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    i love this first song that grand sing in this lakorn...her voice is sooooo good!
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    Om Akapan and Pancake Khemanit

    beautiful pictures...<3 the pink flowers! :)
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    Yaya Urassaya

    Very pretty! :)
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    Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]

    I must say that the beginning of the lakorn was better than the end..but overall, the lakorn was really good! I would love to see more of Pong and Noon...but I know that's almost impossible! :( Nevertheless, the whole casts did an awesome job at portraying their roles. This lakorn deserves an...
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    Pong & Vill in Traveler's Companion Magazine

    where can i purchase a copy of this magazine?
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    Pong & Vill in Traveler's Companion Magazine

    gosh, pong is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!! now i want to see them star together in a slap-kiss lakorn! heheheh....thank you for the pics!