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  • what do you mean? for "PBT" i have only 6 ep.'s but i only post it when i have time because it takes a long time to post my videos since i have to create clips, then rip them, then put them together and separate them into parts, and last i have to put them on youtube. creating clips takes a long time to create. "fai ruk arsoon is not coming any nearer yet cause i still need to do homework too.
    i'm not subbing pla boo tong. The only one i'm subbing is "Fai Ruk Arsoon". I subbing "Fai Ruk Arsoon" after I'm done posting vidoes of pla boo tong 1994 without subs on youtube.
    i'm only subbing "fai ruk arsoon 2009" after i'm done posting pla boo tong 1994 up on youtube (not subbing pla boo tong).
    i'm going to sub fai ruk arsoon 2009 right after i'm done posting pla boo tong 1994 up (not subbing pla boo tong 1994). Partial subs from me and also from viikii.
    Buddie Media is on the home page under the Entertainment section. The Entertainment section is under the Discussion topics.
    LOL. You go under the "BuddieMedia" and then go find "Bla Boo Tong (2009)" and afterwards, you should see links to the episodes and just click on them to download them. BTW, HI! HAHAHA. =)
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