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  • Merry Christmas, dear! I hope you got all you wanted. Warm wished from me to you, ja. I am happy to have met you! Talk to you soon, na.
    If Yadech is too slow, please just keep in touch here, na. I come here often. Have a good week, hon! Talk to you soon, ja.
    Yes, thank you for always translating and sharing the love for 4HJHKK, ja. Keep them coming. Come post at Yadech and have fun with us. Muah!
    I am soooo happy you joined! I copy and paste some of your translations already. I am thankful for your translations and also for getting to know you here. I hope we will become better friends, na? YADECH love all the way!!! Talk to you soon, dear. WPM this weekend. Come SPAM with us. LOL...
    I wanted to tell you, thank you, for all your translations. I enjoy them very much.
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