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    What is new with you?

    I hope everyone is good on here, and also hope you’re staying germ free and practicing social distancing! Anywho, I’ve been M.I.A for like 5 years... Life happened, and also I forgot my password LOL. So I just what to see what’s new with everyone :) So what’s new with me? My boyfriend got me a...
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    I guess, I’m back..??

    I guess, I’m back..??
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    [CH3] Ruk Gun Punlawan (Feel Good Entertainment) : Nine Napat / Ice Preechaya

    I’ve been MIA from this forum for gawd knows how long (5+ years???), but I came back just to say this is absolutely one of my favorite Thai series! It’s beyond cheesy, but damn it, it put a smile on my face and made my heart flutter. I’m a sucker for those heartless p’aek who has a soft spot for...
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    Asianfusers and celebrity relatives

    OMG.... So my boyfriend's friend just married this girl from Thailand who's LOADED, and last month BF went to Thailand last month for his friend's wedding. My BF asked me if I wanted anything from Thailand, and of course I told him anything related to Nadech and Mario Maurer (I even sent him a...
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    Awww You're gonna have lots of fun! I originally wanted go to the Vegas one, but I settled for Anaheim one instead. My friend's going to the one in Vegas. Kind of wished I chose vegas instead! But i'm okay with what I have. 
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    I'm going to the one in Anaheim. I panic because I was afraid I wouldn't get tickets for the one in LA, so I quickly purchased the one for Anaheim when it went on pre-sale LOL. I'm super excited! I can't wait!    So far the songs they've released have all been great. This comeback has been...
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    Funny Photos

    OMG I have a bunched saved on my phone! I'll post some up later when i send them to myself LOL
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    Extremely excited that they're coming to the U.S. again! Woohooo!!! I originally wanted the Ultimate VIP tickets, but for $602-- that definitely won't happen lol. So I settled for the GAFloor with sound check! Super excited because I'm dragging both of my sisters with me to the concert & they...
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    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    Thai lakorn logic -- They can't hear the conversation that's going on right next to them, but they can hear the conversation that's taking place across the room.
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    [Mainland] Ballad of the Desert

    I usually don't watch Chinese dramas, but my sister started this last week & I was hooked! My sister started watching it because she heard that it was similar to Prince of Lan Ling-- that's her ultimate favorite series & I still haven't finished it because I found out what will happen in the end...
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    [Movie] I'm Fine .. Thank you .. Love You

    OMG... I love this movie. This movie is definitely one of favorite Thai movies. I love the chemistry Sunny & Ice had. I need to buy this movie now lol.
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    The Strings to My Heart (Nadech & Yaya) - Chapter 5 [4/22/2014]

      tehe I like your predictions :D But my lips are sealed for now because I have no idea what I want to happen.... writer's block! argh... but I hope something will come to me soon.     I'll try to update soon! I don't want to rush through it :)
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    BIGBANG - LOSER   Let me start off by saying I effin' love this song!!! This has been on repeat all day! The music video just hits me right in the chest. It really breaks my heart, especially Daesung & T.O.P's scene *screams/cries* When Daesung was getting a beatdown, I felt it in my bones! I...
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    I'm not gonna lie, BIGBANG tickets were expensive, well what my boyfriend had to pay was expensive only because people were scouting tickets & selling it for a jacked up price!! This time around, there will be more people going, so I'm so nervous about purchasing the tickets! The first concert...
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    I actually liked them together. Still haven't start/finis LSR, but the scenes I saw them...

    I actually liked them together. Still haven't start/finis LSR, but the scenes I saw them together in made me blush. hehe