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    Sririta Jensen [Crystal Magic]

    I do not like her hair and eyebrown shades and it makes her look manly.
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    Ploy Cherman [Charming Girl]

    I love looking at Ploy's photo shoot magazines as always but sometimes the clothing are a weird fit on her.
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    Tangmo [Where the Wild Things Are]

    I really like this photo shoot of Tangmo =D I think people mispercept her as a sexy woman but really she fits more of a calm and cutie lady.
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    OHO vol. 2 no. 40 October 2009 [Charming Girl! It's Real!]

    Kob and Pancake together? That is odd but cool.
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    Stars [Vote-Aum Patcharapa vs. Chompoo Araya]

    I like Aum as a model more than an actress. Chompoo is the opposite; I like her better as an actress.
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    It has been awhile since I heard about this group. Wonder if they are even still a group? But I do miss seeing Pepper in Thai lakorns.
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    Suwanan Kongying [Kob] & Brook

    I love the pics =D So happy to see Kob and Brook settle down.
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    Random photos of Ying Ploypapas

    She don't look Thai. She also got big eyes.
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    Maybe he is not approaching the women without makeup also. Not all Hmong girls wear makeup. Also depends where he meets them. If at the club, of course every girl is going to wear makeup.
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    Who here is going to the HMONG MN JULY 4TH 2009 TOURNMENT

    Hello. I go to July 4th every year. I also play soccer there and cheer for my brother and cousins playing soccer also =D If you see me, say hi.
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    Aff Taksaorn & Bie Sukrit

    They both are looking nice. I cannot wait for their new lakorn =D
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    This is a nice pair up. I cannot wait to watch this one. I have not seen Cherry onscreen in awhile.
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    Suwanan Kongying [Kob]

    Thanks for sharing. I am happy to see Kob back on covers =D
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    Pattarathida Patcharaweerapong [Tangmo]

    Tangmo looks good in the sort of nightclub photo shoots.