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  • Thanks for all the great lakorns.
    You are the best!!!
    KEdoubleNY Rock To the Top!!!
    hey I have an uncle with the exact same birthday from the month to the day and year! What a coincident! :) hello, by the way.
    hi can't you repair liam ruk ep14, it's doesn't read propely. And thanks for the uploads Liam ruk.
    Hi just wanted to ask you if the links for Liam Ruk HQ because I really want to see it in HQ.? Will anyways thanks for uploading Liam Ruk! =]
    i just saw your comment thank you so much ahead of time if you do upload Sai Seub Sieng Tong... you will make me really happy ^_^
    Hey.... dandy as ever here.... well lets see, just doing the usual work and work.... than moving later to a differ location and maybe move some more but you get the clue hehe.... what? your going to retire? to where?? Laos??? hahahhaa ttyl.... -Lek
    lol gawly sorry if i left you hanging mister, didnt think you like talking to me that jkjk.... anyways.... i've been doing good, just working as usual and saving up for the trips i'll be taking this summer hehe...... cant wait. what? your leaving again? is this gunna be permanently? ahhh i see your searching in finding a wife??? gotcha :)
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