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    [Ch5] E-Sa (Exact & Scenario)

    Hopefully Mo end up with someone good. From the opening title she seems like an innocent and good person. (:!!
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    Khatakorn Sanaeha (Love Killer)- CH.2.2 [11/24/14]

    Mo! Please! Keep updating
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    BRIDE Vol.29 no.1 January 2014

    So beautiful
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    Mint Chalida & James Ma (LEMONADE Vol 3 No 56 July 13)

    Awwww! I'm like head over heel! Hopefully they have more lakorn up oming together!
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    James Ma&Mint Chalida (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL Vol.1 no.133 June 2013)

    Thanks); having the JM FEVER. <3 they are both very pretty and handsome:)!
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    Taew Nataporn & Bomb Tanin (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol. 1 no. 132 May 2013)

    Wow. I have to say they are so cute together. Soifah ♡ Chai Lek fighting!
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    Bomb Tanin & Taew Nataporn (CHEEWITRAK vol. 32 no. 1599 May 2013)

    Awww. Soifah ♡ Chai Lek
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    James Jirayu (F3 TV3 FAN CLUB'S MAGAZINE vol. 3 no. 42 May 2013)

    James j. Is so handsome!
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    OMGOMGOMG! I'm like literally screaming of joy!
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    James Jirayu (PAPPAYORNBANTERNG vol. 39 no. 1851 April 2013)

    Awwww, James is sucha cutie <3
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    Bie Sukrit and Noona Neungthida (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 720 February 2013)

    They are both so cute, reminds me abit of Jack and Rose
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    Amy Klinpratoom (CHEEWAJIT vol. 15 no. 344 February 2013)

    Amy is so adorably cute and loveable! <3
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    Sririta Jensen (TVPOOL vol. 23 no. 1185 February 2013)

    Rita's beautiful, but what's with the two dots on her face?
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    [Ch3] Suparburoot Jutathep Series

    OMG! I can't wait~!