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  • no problem hunn! omg, i'm so in love with se7en - promise * went & downloaded it. lol. it's awesome!
    omg, i know. so many things to be so little time! i wanna rule the world. that's what i wanna do. lol
    lol. no. i wish i did! i'm at a JC right now. i have no idea what the hell imma do as a career... so sad.
    i know girl, i freakn loved the nice campus and all, ;( my parents didn't want me to live 9 hours away from home...maybe for gradschool i'll come..ahha but yeah if i'm ever in town to visit a friend who goes to ucsd, i'll drop to visit you too! do you go to ucsd?:)
    thanks girl!!!!
    awee... you should soo come to SD! it's so beautiful! i love it! hehe specially during the summer. the best. =] let me DL those songs for you & i'll send it to you kay
    lol. i'm not reading it! i can't! i wanna be on edge when i watch it =P. i'm from san diego, cali. it's freaking hott over here..
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