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    Who would you say is Mark Prin's Koo Kwan?

    MInt Chalida :)
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    Best Crying Actor

    Ken Theeradeth, it's soo sad when he cries T_T
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    Favorite/Top 10 Actresses?

    my list is always changing, here is my current list in order 1. Ann Thongprasom 2. Aff Taksaorn 3. Chompoo Araya (she's moving up on my list with the roles she's been playing) 4. Yaya Urassya 5. Mint Chalida 6. Aump Patcharapa 7. Janie Tienphosuwan (I'm starting to like her after Hoang Sabut...
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    Who is a sexy pra'ek?

    When i hear sexy I think of Aum Artichart cause of his hot body and Ananda Everingham because of the role he plays.
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    Tik and Aom Piyada or Ken and Ann T ?

    Ken & Ann of course, this was too easy to answer <3
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    Supporting Couples

    I agree, I thought they were super cute together.
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    This is a very hard poll to vote on. I had to go for Sawan Bieng though.. I loved Jum Loey Ruk as well too!!
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    Mteam is already paired up for Nuea Mek 2.. im soo excited!!
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    Ken and Ann Ken and Aff Mark and Yaya Aum and Aff Great and Matt
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    Ploy Cherman - Colgate Optic White Commercial Event 2012

    she looks like Aum P on the second photo, anyone else agrees??
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    What lakorn(s) do you wish for your pra'nang to star in instead?

    That would be hard I think because Chompoo is with channel 3 and Om is with channel 7, correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to see these two pair up too!!
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    What actors do you want to see together that haven't acted together yet?

    Chompoo is pretty and Dome is handsome so they should pair up. I would really wanna see Mint C and Nadech pair up soon :) After watching Ruk Khun Tao Fah I want to see Ken and Ploy play in another lakorrn together, I think they look good as pranangs.
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    lao last names

    My friend last name is Chantavong too, anywho mine ends with Kham :)
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    What lakorn(s) do you wish for your pra'nang to star in instead?

    I think i would too :( haha, but stil.. I would like it better that way.
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    Lakorns that are worth watching over (and over)

    Jai Rao Ken & Aff Jumloey Ruk Aum & Aff Sawan Bieng Ken & Ann Oum Ruk Ken & Ann