Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]


sarNie Adult
wow, they kinda look alike! lol. is the second picture Pinky or Yardtip? Because they look alike and I can't really tell from the angle. But they both look very gorgeous and fabulous! :)


sarNie Adult
they do look similar in this shoot, i cant tell with the 2nd pix too, possibly pinky because yard is the 3rd pix...


Staff member
iono y but yard doesnt look so great to me anymore.. >_< weird eh lol.. but she is still stunning..

pinky looks good too ^_^

those are some interesting heels..


sarNie Coma
they both look gorgeous. they could pass as sisters. yard is getting prettier as she becomes older


The Realist guy here period
I love Yard and Pinky but the cover belong to yard hands down. It could be that she is on top but I am drawn more to her in that picture than Pinky. I can't tell if the second picture is Yard or Pinky but I like it a lot. Picture 4 was sexy to say the least.


sarNie Adult
tHey lOok gOod...ON tHe cOver....
lOVe yArd...