What Lakorn star do you absolutely hate


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All I have to say is that you can't hate someone who you don't even know. Yeah, we see them in lakorns, but we don't really know them personally.
Everyone has their own opinion about the lakorn star that they "Dislike", but to me all stars are great actors and actresses. Even the evil n'rai's.
Oh, yeah. Have the actors or actresses done anything wrong to make some of you hate them so much??? I mean SERIOUSLY!!!


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I agree with u candylover HATE is a big words DISLIKE sound better...

Here is my list of actress i DISLIKE in lakorn...

Cherry, Pancake, and Pang hehehe

Even tho i dislike them i still follow their work heheh tat me


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not chatchai - he too old, ruin the lakorn with jainie. need to retired

pancake - dislike her, idk maybe her acting or just overrated
poo - dislike her as nang ek, she cant act to me. she better off being rai


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She's referring to the two in the photos posted; Mint Chalida and Mew
oh no I don't hate Mint Chalida silly me why did i post her pic in this thread I thought this is the thread for liking

would admin please delete my post its my silly mistake


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Like others have mentioned, hate is such a strong word. I don't hate anyone and I try my best to be neutral with most daras out there. However, there are some who I avoid simply because I feel absolutely nothing for them for personal reasons. If they happen to be in lakorn with an actor/actress that I adore and the storyline sounds appealing, I'd probably watch but otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

Poo Priya, Aum Patcharapa, Kwan Usamanee, Pae Aruk & Chakrit

Some people need to realize that everyone has fans AND haters regardless of how popular they are and regardless of what title they have. You can't expect everyone to like a certain person neither should you feel the need to persuade others to think the same way as you. Bringing down another just to praise your own idol doesn't make you or idol better than anyone else nor does it prove anything. If someone is straight up pathetic and obviously bias towards your favourite, simply ignore them. Attempting to reason with them will be no use if they're already so close minded.


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I think I already responded to this but I would like to add another person: POO PRAIYA! Goddang, this woman cannot act! Her facial expressions are just so fake and ugh, every time she tries to look sexy, her eyes/eyebrows look all weird and deformed.
Sorry, Poo fans.


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Ok!!! I'll just say totally dislike.


Poo- can't stand her. She doesn't know how to act. She seems just memorizing the script.
Pancake- too overrated with arrogant look.
Chompoo A.- looks like a doll


Aum A.- not really a hotty at all
Por T.- cant understand this guy could play p'ek
Stefan- not great in acting, weird look, Not good-looking


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Yaya- i like her and she is cute but acts like a kid tooo much. & her and nadech is over doing the pair tooooo much now...more than Ka in just 3-4 years only..
Chompoo-she is alright but now with ken.


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All teams have their OWN chemistry :) if your gonna hate on a team, keep it to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything :) i love every team, their all perfect in their own ways.


Poo= cant act
Pang= not attractive, wierd looking, why is she getting N'ek roles???
Pat= too skinny, someone please feed her...
Jakajan= not Pretty, better off with supporting roles.
Pinky= very pretty, used to like her, but after her dirty incident, i just hate her...
Numfon= she was ok, until she took her ugly cheating boyfriend back....
Ploy C= ok with her being N'rai, cant stand her as N'ek.

Kelly= cant stand his ugly nose.
jakrit= too old
Chakrit=getting old and fat.
Dan= appearance wise not Pe'k material, should stick to singing only.
Boy P= again not Pe'k material cant stand his wide smile.
Wier= cant stand his big yellow teeth. the only thing good about him is his height.lol....
Win=too little, not fully developed.
Num= too old, small arm!!! can someone please take him to the gym and him lift some heavy weights!!! grow muscle..
Art= Conceited!!! full of himself and he's a gay cheating bastard!!!
Kong= too old and look like an old lady...


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I'll say the #1 lakorn star I don't like would be "Kwan". I don't want to say "hate" b/c it's a strong word and I don't know the girl. Lol...lol..
But the lakorn that she's in, somehow I would end up not liking it at all.
Than .. There's Pancake. never seen the lady Lakorn but IDK what beauty does she have????


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^ agreed. i mean i can understand if you feel that a certain dara can't act and has a bad personality so if they're unattractive to you, that just adds to why you don't like them. but to base everything solely on looks, that just means you're a very shallow person.