War of In-Law


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War of In-Laws (20 Episodes)
* Reviewed by Victoria

Main Characters
Myolie Wu (Shap-Yat/Tin Lik), Bosco Wong (Ning Mau-Chun/But Lau Ming), Liza Wang (Heitaplap Seuk-Lan Gak Gak), Shek Sau (Ning Fung-Tak), Christine Ng (Lung Hau-Hau), Chan Hoi Yee (Ling-Shan)

Synopsis Of Story
Myolie (Shap-Yat/Tin Lik) plays the daughter of a bandit and she married into the "Ning" family by coincidence. When she was escaping from the guards, she fled to a place where the bride will be married to the "Ning" family. But the bride, Makai Yin-Han, had already eloped with another man. Therefore, in order to escape from the guards, Myolie had to be the imposter of Makai Yin-Han. Myolie's mother-in-law, Liza, is very barbaric. They always argue with each other and Myolie's husband, Bosco, always get caught in between. He had to please Liza as well as Myolie.

Bosco (Ning Mau-Chun) plays a very timid guy. He is always afraid of this and that. But no one knows that he is actually a hero. Everybody called him But Lau Ming. He always helped those poor people and teach those corrupted Officials a lesson. He excels in martial arts. There was one time when he appeared in a Charity Function and wanted to teach the corrupted Official a lesson. And, he also saved Myolie. From that day onwards, Myolie found herself falling in love with But Lau Ming. Bosco began to like Myolie too. But, he got jealous of himself as Myolie was fond of But Lau Ming but not fond of his usual self...

here's an Preview to this series if anyone wants to know or see it..
war of in-law preview

Have anyone seen this series.. is it good.. I know that the story line seems very interest... and also people rate it very high in the other site.. i just want to know if there is any more input.. on this series...thanks.. oh and also where can i download this series.. please help in any way..thanks..


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I haven't seen this series yet. But I'm going downtown later today to get the series along w/Ten Brothers. From the story I think it's good :sweat:


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Ana said:
It's not out in Khmer yet I think. I watch it in chinese with English sub :lol:

Ohhh.. :w000t: how did you get to watch it.. where did you download if you did.. or please upload for us then... PLease.....


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ten brothers is really good...i really recommended...i laughed so hard watching it that i had tears in my eyes.


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Finished this series. It was good, I luv the bickering btw Myolie and her mother-in-law so funny :lmao: . Bosco and Myolie was cute too. I HATE that gurl that his mom wants as Bosco concubine. She is such a bitch


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thanks.. Ana... i haven't seen ten brothers but i know my video store here has it.. too bad not the war of inlaw... so sad...thanks...

One question... Will Myolie always have that bang... i know she looked very cute when she did the dance and she didn't have it.. But the preview show that she will have that weird bang...


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aww , thank for the clip ! i can't wait till dis series out kung fu series rock ! ! Right now im watching "My fair Lady" .. sigh..


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i do too.. here in green bay is too small.. there is not enough asian store. I don't know where i can get a copy.. actually it's not out in thai yet right.... so i can't even watch it... i need it to be translate in thai or there have to be engish sub titles.. i'm so bad luck.... i have to wait...