waht's your favorite gum or candy?


sarNie Adult
hell yeah?! i love this topic.

sour gummie bears n rolos n caramellos n chocolate truffles n choco-covered fruits n dried mangos with chili...oooh. :D


dfemc said:
hell yeah?! i love this topic.

dried mangos with chili...oooh. :D
yessssssss.........those are hella good.

ok i guess ill chime in and share my fav candy: starburst and skittles :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Well for candy I eat any lol..I'm not picky..But as for gum I like to chew Big Red..I like something that is like somewhat spicy..Especially when you stick your tongue through it and hold on there..Man...It stings your tongue lol..But I still do it anyways :lmao:

Wai Wai Noodles

Egg Drop Soup ( ~ _ * )
Almond joy, raisinets, tamarine and coffee hard candy, life savers, bubblicious (just want to swallow them sometimes) and many more...this is more of fruit snacks, but Gushers, Fruit roll up, and Fruit by the foot...and sour fruits with chilli makes me salivate :D