The Never Ending Love (KimBarry)


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The Never Ending Love.


Nadech Kugimiya
Kimberley Ann Voltemas
Mint Chalida
Mark Prin

Episode 1-

"Nadech-Nadech-Nadech." Kim called his name.
"What is it honey."
"Look what I got for you." She waits for him to come outside and there he saw his new black car. The one he wanted before he and Kim got married.
"You got me a car."
"Do you like it."
Nadech shook his head and ran to Kim hugging her an spinning her. She was the best.
"Poom ruk Tur mak Kim."
"I love you too." She smiled.
He kissed her on the lips for a second feeling so great that in this lifetime he got to spend his entire life with the only girl he ever loved in his whole life which was Kim.
"MARK ka. Stop bothering my sisters marriage anymore, she chose Nadech over you. Of I was her I'll do the same to. You can go home now." Mint pushed him out the door.
"Though you push me I'll stay more. I will keep breaking their marriage until they won't have one anymore."

Mint got out the house an statues to hit Mark while Mark was blocking himself. He took hold of her and brought her inside onto the floor pinning her down on the floor. Mint was scared to death.

"What are you doing?"
"You.....You have no idea what I'm capable of chai Mai. Your just a little girl. (Looks at her from head to stomach) If I rape you right now would you tell your sister huh?."
"Why wouldn't I tell her. Your not important to her anymore beside NADECH."

Mark was pure mad. He started to take advantage of her but right then someone knocked him off of her.

"P'Nadech." Mint said.

Nadech helped Mint up. Kim walks in the house seeing Mark getting up. She looks at Mint and hugs her.

"What does it look like?"
"You have no rights to touch my little sister."
"Taam Mai. Kim, if I don't get you. Then don't think I'll stop bothering you." Mark left the scene leaving them.

"Mint are you broken anywhere?"
"No, thanks to Nadech for helping."
"It's ok Mint. Your like my real sister that I love very much. This brother will do anything."

Mint hugged Nadech. Nadech smiles at Kim while hugging Mint. Mint was glad her sister chose the right man to be by her side forever.

"Mint I think it's safer of you came and live with us."
"No. I don't want to bother you and Nadech's marriage."
"It's ok Mint."
"No Nadech."
"Then at least stay a couple nights. Me and Nadech are scared he might do this again."
"Kim's right. You should stay a couple night at our plays. And after that I'll hire a maid for you house and will buy a security lock for you."

Mint thought about it for a awhile. She then said yes and went to pack up her things.

"I don't know why he targets my sister. She has nothing to do with this."
"I think he's trying to make you jealous that he has your sister."
"This time I won't ever let him lay a hand on my sister."
"I know honey. I want the same as you." Nadech hugs from behind and puts his chin on her shoulder waiting for mint to come down. By the time Mint arrived down she saw that both Nadech and Kim were sleeping. Seeing her sister in between Nadech's legs while her back leaned on his chest and Belly, her head on the left side of his face. Nadech holding her hands while they crossed Kim's body. Mint smile. She loved the both of them so much. She grabbed a blanket and puts it on top of them 2.

"Goodnight guys." She went upstairs to sleep.
(Next morning)
Nadech woke up seeing Kim still asleep on his chest. He smiled. He don't dare to move his body. He thought they were so Tired that they spent the night at Mints house instead.

"Kim" he whispered into her ear.
She wakes up slowly.
"Where are we?"
"We knock out at Mints place. I guess she gave us this blanket."
"Yes honey."

Kim sat up leaning on the couch now. While Nadech got up to go fake a wazzz.

"Oww your up. Where's Nadech? I made you guys breakfast already. Go and eat please lock up after your done I'll be head into work."
"Ka. See you at my house later."

Mint left the house to work. Nadech came out the bathroom. Kim told him to come eat so they can go back home. They both ate while Kim cleaned up there mess and Nadech puts Mints suit case in the car and cleans up the mess they made in the living room.

"Honey, where do I put this blanket?"
"There should be a closet by the laundry room and put it there."
From a distance Mark watched Kim and Nadech following them so he'll know where she lived. As they were on high way Kim looks up to the little mirror and sees his car.

"Nadech that's Mark's car behind us."
"What?" He looks.
"What will we do?"
"Will lose him.?"

Nadech took a different route instead of going home. He went from Lane to Lane.

"Why do they keep changing lanes." Mark said said trying to keep up with them. Nadech made a turn on highway 134 as Mark made a turn on highway 138.

"Is he gone Nadech."
"He's gone. Don't worry Kim. Your with me you'll always be safe."

Kim smiled and kiss Nadech.

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fantastic_27 said:
Here I made u one. I hope you like it.
(Not my best, but i tried)
Thank you fantastic it's really nice. I love it. Lol MM r cute up there and NK looks sweet and comfy.

Episode 2:
"When will Mark stop bothering me. Nadech, I'm scared he'll do something more."
"Kim *puts both his hands on her shoulders* Don't worry. If you have me you'll always be safe. I'll make he'll never lay a hand on you."
"What about my sister? If he can't have me he'll probably-"
"Kim Mai thong hua."
"OWWWWW A KIM. Don't think that you will get away from me. Don't worry I still have your sister."

(Mint's workplace)
"Ka. Lao gun ka." Mint hung up the phone am walked towards her car but someone puts there hand over her mouth and drags her into their car. Mint looked at the person with the black mask.

"Khun bpen krai!"

He ignored her. And started the car engine Riding off.

"Who are you let me go?"
"Shut up."
"I won't shut up until you telle who you are."

Mark was so annoyed. He took off his mask and looks at Mint.

"Oww MARK!!!"
"Why are you doing this to me."
"Because.....your sister love you so much. And if I take the most important thing from her she'll come look for you."
"Mark ka. I beg you please let me go. There's a lot of women's out there, but why would you waste your time trying to win back the women who once loved you."
"Because no one is like Kim."
"Kim. Come inside. You'll catch a col if you stay out side."
"Mai ka Nadech, I will wait for my sister."
"Why don't you call her?"
"I did, but she didn't answer."
"Maybe she is working late. Come inside. She has the keys to this house she'll come anytime na."

Kim walked in the house and walks up to the bed with Nadech.
She laid on Nadech's chest.

"You know we've been married for 6 months."
"Yes I know."
"I think it's time for a little one."

Kim sat up on the bed as Nadech did as well.

"A little one?"
"Chai. Don't you think it's time."
"Nadech, I really want a little one to, but-"
"Pomo kow jai,"
"Nadech chan yee-sib-ed (21) I still want to live free just you and me for now."
"Are you mad?"
"Kim....if your willing to wait then I'll wait with you."

Nadech kissed her.
"Let's go to sleep."
Mark took Mint to this abandon warehouse around 12am. He tied her to the pole where the mattress was paid.

"Oww Gep na."
"Chan Mai koey. Gep gaw koo Gep." (I don't care. If it hurts it hurts)
"Mark ploy chan. Chan glua."
"Scared.... No need to be scared. I won't do anything to you."

Mark left to get the food in the car which was at least a couple blocks up because the warehouse was in the middle of the forest.
Mint thought it was time to escape. Mint look around the place. She saw the shattered glass. She grabbed it with her foot. She starts to cut the rope, but it was to hard.

(At the car)
Mark hears a phone ringing. He looks in the passenger seat. Mint's phone was ringing. He looks at the caller I.D. It was Kim.
He decides to Pick it up.

"Khun bpen krai. Where is Mint?"
"Kim, if you want your sister find her yourself."

Mark hangs up.
Kim wakes up Nadech crying.

"Kim what's wrong?"
"Nadech someone has Mint?"
"This person he saids if I want Mint back I have to find her myself. Why my sister??"

He grabbed Kim while Kim cried on his shoulders.
"Here." Mark said giving her the plate of food.
"How am I suppose to eat? You tied me up like this."
"I will feed you."

He opens the bag and and scoops a spoon full of rice. She refused to eat, but Mark forced her. She just spit it out at him. Mark pinned her down.

"Don't forget I can do anything."
"I didn't forget. Ploy."
"This time their wont be anyone to help you."

He started to kiss her on her neck. She screamed for help, but no one heard. She kept screaming until she fainted. Mark stopped when he realize the screams were gone.

"OWWWWW Mint. Mint Khun bpen alai?"
He got off of her and untied her. He laid her on his shoulder trying to wake her up. Mint grabbed the glass the glass of bottle and slammed it against his head a he lets go of her and she took off. Leaving Mark bleeding in pain,but he manage to get up chasing after her.
Mint ran as fast as she can but she had no idea where she was going. It was pitch black surrounded by trees, she was scared.


Mint kept walking ahead. Mark ram after he voice. He knew it wasn't safe out there since their are bandits out their looking to rape a beautiful girl like Mint.

Mint sees a group of people. She ran to them.

"Please help me."
Mint look at them. They were drinking and they were all men.
The men look at her from toe to head. Mint was feeling that these men were going to hurt her.

"Please help me ka."
"We can help you?"

The men started to circle her. On grabbed her shoulder Mint pushed him.

"Ploy na."
"Mai ploy."

Mint pushed the men and ran away while they were chasing after her. She grabbed a stick and started to hit them with it, but there were 5 of them and they were all to strong.

"Pee ja chan kol lung ploy chan."
"Nong, Khun Suay mak. Hah poo chai Mai ploy Tur ka." (Aka: little girl your pretty the 5 of us won't let you go.)

The man ripped off her shirt leaving her wearing her tank-top. Mints creamed for help. Mark came to the scene hitting them with a brick.

"What is going on?"

The man starts to punch Mark while the other 4 were knock out cold.
Mark was bleeding from his mouth, but he manage to grab a stick and stabbed his arm. Mark ran to Mint hugging her. She cried on his chest holding him tightly.

"Mai thong hua." Mark said.

Mint hugged him tightly. She was scared to death that she was almost rape by 5 men's.
"Nadech I'm really worried about my sister."
"Don't worry the cops will do anything to find her."

The cops were questioning Kim and Nadech, but both of them had no idea who will kidnap her. They asked Kim for her phone to see where the call was answered from.

"Do you think they will find where she is?"
"If the call was longer then 30 seconds then of course."

They waited for bout an hour. Kim was tired Nadech as also. It was 3 in the morning.

"Find it."
"Kim calm down."
"The answer was picked up from Singopoe."
"WHAT!!! SINGOPOE. That's like a 4 hour drive down there?"
"Krub. If its that far it means the suspect is willing to do something."
"Mint. I want to go there now Nadech."
"Kim it's late you need some rest."
"No. I want to see my sister."

Kim fainted while Nadech caught her Laying her into the bed.

"We will call an ambulance."
"Krub. Kim are you ok? Kim."

(50 minutes later.)
"How's my wife doc?"
"Theirs nothing wrong with her. Your wife needs a lot of sleep so the baby will be ok?"
"Alai na *Nadech had a big smile on his face* Baby? Your telling me my wa-wa-wife is pregnant?"
"Krub. She's been pregnant for month already."
"Thank you doc."
"It's ok."

Nadech ran over to Kim. He was happy to hear that they will be starting a family soon. He carried her to the room tucking her in.
Mark and mint were funding a way out of the forest. Mark was having a huge headache. His head was bleeding from the shattered glass.

"Are you ok Mark?"
"Does it look like I'm fine, you lied to me that you fainted and then hit me."
"I was scared that you were going to-"
"I just did that to scare you. Owwww."
"Then why did you kidnap me."
"Because of your sister." He walked over to Mint.
"I must win her back."
"Mark you'll never get her back. Kim ruk Nadech, Mai chai Tur."
"Then I'll keep you here as long as she gets here."
"Taam Mai ka?"
"Your sister lo--- OWWWW."
"Mark are you ok?" Mint held him straight so he won't fall.
"I'm ok."
"We should get you to a hospital."
"Mai. You just take care of me right now. Your a nurse, chan roo. Well hurry up why are you waiting for."
"Ka ka ka. I will help you because your my navigator. Let me see."

Mint faced his head towards hers. Mark stared at her. She rip her shirt sleeve and wraps it around his head.

"Done." She looks down to him and stares into his eyes. His eyes were charming like he was a prince.
"Kim are you awake?"
"I'm awake."
"Here let me help you." Nadech helps her up.
"What happened?"
"You were to stressed out so you fainted."
"Am I ok?"
"Khun---Khun Patong."
"Alai na?"
"Kim I know that you-"
"*she hugged Nadech* I am so happy. I know I said I wasn't ready yet, but I need said I wasn't happy to be a mother"
"I'm happy that your happy. Now you have to rest."
"What about Mint?"
"Leave it to me? I am leaving to Singorpoe tomorrow at 9."
"Thanks Nadech."
"No problem."


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