TeRrI's CrEaTi0n


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
Thanks for the comments aikoden, rahut-rissaya, NoyV, and Saifah! :D

Here's a new banner of Kwon Ji-Yong:

Hope you guys like it! ^_^


Siwon & Donghae =
TERRI!! MOEY MISSE YOU! POUTS!! DO U MISS MOEY???!! lols damnnnnn girl... you gotten better .. i still suck omg.. GD my yongie baby!! lols .. I just made it to heaven... ahhhhhhh!! :drool:


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
NoyV : Thank you for the comment!
cecilia : Thank you for the comment!
`moey_ : Awww...I miss you too and mann!!!!! yeah right, i still suck. He's my baby! lol! what level in heaven? lol!
cutefuzzy : Thanks for the comment!


sarNie Adult
if u dont mind, i wanted to request a banner of pinky and vier with pics from their lakorn wong wien hua jai lakorn, any cute scenes. ^_^


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
rahut-rissaya: He is an eye candy! lol!

sweet_azn: Do you have any pictures of them? I haven't watch that lakorn yet. But I'll try to find some pictures.


Mrs. Robert Pattinson
Thanks for your comment Saifah, swirlblue, aikoden, n_naruk, cecilia, and Falada. :)

I need to get back into photoshop.