sarNie Egg
they look like 'aump' poses..i am not saying aump own those particular poses but some of them especially the hand on the hip and the pout thats very signiture aump...well i think anyway.

Tangmo has to find her own style and her own direction same with the roles shes playing..


sarNie Juvenile
Tenee already talked about this, but since I can't understand Thai, I wasn't able to read the comments. I always thought that they looked alike too.

Whose copying who here?



sarNie Juvenile
I don't think it is all copying, it isn't really up to them and there are always the photographers behind who help them, I think it depends on the person, whether the way they pose stands out or not.


sarNie Juvenile
I think is is around 21-22. Tangmoe that is.


sarNie Hatchling
Copying......come on give me a break. Everyone does those moves, it's not like there are that many anyways......ppl are just making a bigger deal, because she looks so much like Aump.


sarNie Adult
i dont think its the copy cat thing i think it's up the photographer tell them to pose like that and they just did it. sometime it might come out the same...i think people against that is because tangmo is new actress and aump is old and also because have similar face and body that's all.


sarNie Adult
she look sexy thats all but the aump thing i don't know, i don't think its an coppy, because you never know maybe the photographer pose her like that


sarNie Adult
doesn't really matter if they're copying each other or not...gotta do the poses that are popular...anyway, i think both of them are so hot and sexy! mo is like a younger version of aum...they could pass as sisters to me.


sarNie Egg
she looks good in the pics.. and as for the poses, i don't think you have many choices when it comes to posing, i see plenty of models who does the same poses as both aump & mo.. no big deal.. they're simlar but not the same..


OH MY GOD....... Tangmoe is soooo sexy and gorgeous in these pixz.... and couldnt believe it was her...... she is very hot..... love her legs.... and all of the dress tooo..... but what I love the most is her hair.....