Sirita Jenson


sarNie Coma
credit to Alica/Mann from spicy

love her..shes sooo beautiful..always looking photogenic..makes me want to see her in boran lakorn..she has the sexy/exotic yet cute look..



sarNie Hatchling
sirita always looks so pretty.. i love the last picture of her.. thanks so much for sharing


Lakornaddict ;)
She's soo pretty. ^_^
The boran clothing is cute onher. She can pull it off.
Does she play in any lakorn?
Chuz I havent seen her .


sarNie Egg
she is sooooo pretty, this girl doesn't ever take bad picture. The boran clothe looks really good on her.


sarNie Hatchling
Thanks for these lovely pix. My preference is #5. Rita has such a gorgeous figure. Another star who looks great in this type of outfit is Jui Warattaya.