[Pictures] Behind the scene of CH3 actor shooting calendar


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             They give me Butterflies!!! :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
photo credit to: Instagram user.


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Vimalee said:
I haven't seen Toey, Rome, or Por T, but they already have 43 in total so these guys may not be in the calendar for 2016.
I was thinking the same thing. How can they not be included?!


sarNie Hatchling
Ch3 is very bias when it comes to couple or actors ,especially whom to put on the face. It's to make the f c happy and make money but still, the channel needs to be more fair. Like, Chompoo and ploy, which why put them with Alex. Don't hate on me but Chompoo and Ploy are top actress too, Alex should've been paired up with someone his age. I feel like ch3 Is not caring much. I sick of seeing MK. Ch3 should paired the couple or actors a cording to the lakorns. I think that would've been a way to promote lakorn and their channel.


sarNie Oldmaid
I like the mixed up. It is a bit boring to always see pairs from the same generation. I.e Anne's and her men. That is so repetitive. Plus Lek is rising, he may not be pra'eks but he's been stealing the show.


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It's doesn't matter if there's a koo jin or not. Fans will buy it because of their favourite celebrities being in the calendar.
I would like to see one of top A list together. The likes of Anne, Janie, Chompoo.


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I haven't liked one single calendar from Ch3 since 2011 and despite not liking it, I still purchased every one of them for my fav daras.


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They're sizzleing HOT/SEXY ! drop dead is me! lol droolz! Two muscular pa'ek and the sexy tan janie! OMG!  :woot:  :dance1:  :pervie:  :heart:  :heart:  :drool: Raeng Ngao pair! replay! My ken is so fine!


Mrs James Ma
They could have chosen other pics. BTS pics were better than the pics they used for calendar. 8:35


Mrs James Ma
Boy, Great, Alex, Matt. Their theme was 'selfie'.


Mrs James Ma
Preem, Diana, Nycha


Mrs James Ma
Koo jins shoot
NY, Pope Mew, JJ Bella and others.
OMG Ploy Cherman looks like a real N'rai lol
I think Boy was paired with Great for Koo Jin on 5:19 :p


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Koy123 said:
I agreed!!! It gets boring. I get bored looking at the same group all the time. Mix it up a little, CH3!
Agree with you! Ch3 needs to change pairing a little bit, like same pairing all the time which is so boring...I mean I know they're Koojin but at least makes them pair with somebody .