Mae Ying (Compordee)


sarNie Juvenile
OMG i felt so bad for that girl (forgot her name), but she got raped by the evil dude. gosh that actor is a good actor, I just hate his guts...he's so evil.
Plerng. Poor girl. :( She was too naive and foolish to see that Jak is no good. It could of been prevented though!!!! I hope she tells someone soon so they can beat the lights out of Jak; he deserves to be raped and sodomized.... <___<

On the other hand, Ying Laek is starting to annoy me with her accusations of Noon and blind infatuation for Num. I thought she was all prim, prissy, and prideful... How she gonna hang all over a dude that has never even told her he likes her... Num doesn't even send chemical signals to her!!!!!!


sarNie Adult
does anyone know when this is ending? =) i feel sorry for num, and NOON. i love herrr! i can't wait til everything settles. grr! i wish noon's hair was long again though :( ahahah! i wanna see tomorrows scene already! and Jak & Mome Rahpee? SHOULD BUT OFF SCREEN ALREADY >:[ if you know what i mean.. lol


sarNie Granny
according to lyn's blog, Sao 5 will air on May 19, so this will end next Monday.

I like Num & Noon together. I can't believe that Num tried to hide Noon in his room. I can't wait for tomorrow's episode...I do hope Num gets the chance to kiss Noon.


sarNie Granny
i like today's episode. Num and Noon were sooo cute, and when he kissed her cheeks..CUTE!


sarNie Granny
Awww it ended today. I have to say, this was a good lakorn. Noon and Num looked cute together :D I want them to be in another lakorn together, but with Noon's hair long. Num was sooooo handsome in this lakorn :wub: And Ann was great, I love her singing voice. Her acting was good too ^^


sarNie Hatchling
it end too soon. They should continue they get married or something...yea they do look cute together.


sarNie Adult
Does anyone know if Num going to have more lakorns? i'm a big fan of him since Dao prasok with Kob. I like Num acting in Mae Ying with Noon. Hope Num pair again with Noon in the future.


sarNie Adult
hahaha i'm so late on this but i finally finished watching was with ALL thai lakorns i wished the ending was a little better. i hate endings like leaves me with nothing. you dont know what happens after that lol
one of my fav parts was right after num saved noon and he wasnt sure if she knew how to talk so he thought she was stupid hahahhaaha. imma go rent this for my mama...she just bought RR imma borrow it from her when shes done.
my fav song right now is ruk ter cha laa laa :D