Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)


sarNie Adult
i'm starting to like this lakorn. p'ek is so fricking hilarious. he gets drunk then causes all this drama. i cna't wait to see more!


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OMG thats crazy i dont want it to be like that... i dont understand so ploys dad is rich? or was it ploys mom that bought him the fortune?


sarNie Hatchling
Ploy's dad is poor and her mum was well off. She didn't care that he was poor. Not like gewalin's mum who left him because he was poor


sarNie Juvenile
wow...i saw it coming but i didnt think gewalin had the heart to say and do all of the things she did. her mom is just evil. Noon is going to play a depressing character yet again after this eppie.


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tonight episode is was so cute of noon to get nervous when she
saw au walk in..

madeph..i'm so agree..Kay's mom is just PURE evil....omg..when
she threw the cabbage at the head maid's face..i'm about to go in and
slap her..also when her and au's younger bro's gf was so
fun until the evil mom make the gf feel low and piss..but then the gf was
stupid..she could have argue it back that at least she's not after someon's
money like her daughter..:lol:..

anyway..the next episode seem like a depressing phrase..anyone know
when they're getting marry?..cuz i sure want to see alot of love scene
and jealous scene between au, noon, and kay..:lol:


sarNie Adult
haha loving this lakorn XD noon is so cute in here! love herrr :] and i think au actually looks handsome in here.. but his voice annoys mee! LOLS


sarNie Adult
man kay n her mom are bees! so manipulative. i'm glad that noon isn't one of those soft n'ek. she actually talks back and voices her opinions. can't wait to see more.


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no she said its what she thinks might happen
they do get married. i have pictures of her in a wedding dress and also a screencap of it. i couldn't find where the clip went from what preview but here. see for yourself.



From all of ur comments I think I need to watch this lakorn. Yep, I do! I have no lakorns to watch right now but this one sounds interesting enough! OOoh and Noon and Au gets married. Awesome! They look so cute!


sarNie Juvenile
thankies! gonna go download them right now.

Where are the spoilers posted? Is it in thai or english?


an la

sarNie Hatchling
I don't really watch both leads lakorns, but I am glad I decided to try it. I didn't realize I'd like it so much. I love Noon's character, she is so cute, I hope her character doesnt get too depressing. I like how the story is so far, and felt so sorrie for Au, that they make him feel low because he was adopted.

The lakorn songs are really good, Gwenwali can really sing.


sarNie Egg
so glad that this lakorn airs everyday, but i just hate how it is so short. does anyone know if there are spoilers listed anywhere?