Four Sisters: Love Only Once


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Rita set the food on the table and went upstairs to call Nong Gino but he already washes up and was getting ready to head down. “Good morning Nong Gino,” say Rita, “Did you get a good rest?” “Yes, I dream about my mommy and daddy,” he says which got Rita silent. “That’s good, what do you want to do today?” she asked holding his hand going downstairs into the dining room. “I want to go hiking,” Nong Gino says. “Hiking?” ask Rita. “Yes, hiking,” he says then run to Rome who was already seated. “Daddy, I want to go hiking,” he says. “Hiking? Sounds like fun, after breakfast get ready and we’ll be on our way, okay,” says Rome. “Yay, we’re going hiking as a family, Mommy Rita, can you prep me my lunch?” he asks. “Uh, sure, what would you like for lunch?” ask Rita still standing. “Prepare three sandwiches for us, we can eat while walking or we can stop and eat,” says Rome looking at her with a smile. “Three sandwich it is,” she says taking a seat across from him and putting rice on Nong Gino’s plate then hers, “you can get your own,” to him. “You’re not going to give me rice?” he asked then got his own. After eating, “Mommy and daddy, I’m going to change and get ready for our hiking trip,” he says and ran upstairs. “Why did you agree to the hiking? Do you know your places around here?” she asked taking the dishes to the sink. “Of course I do but do you?” he asked, “Anyways, just follow me and Nong Gino, I’m going to go change,” and heads upstairs. Shortly afterward Rita came into the room and Rome already picks out her hiking clothes for her. “What is this? You already have my clothes picked out?” she asked looking at the clothes on the bed. “Of course so you won’t take long and prolong our trip,” he says. “Fine,” say Rita taking the clothes and going into the restroom. When she came out, she went downstairs and grabs the lunch and they head out.

When Mark and Tui arrived in Chiang Mai, Mark called to inform the sisters that they are in Chiang Mai but was told that Barry came and took Ja and Toey out for a picnic. When he hang up, “what’s wrong you didn’t get to speak to Toey?” ask Tui getting their suitcases. “No, Toey and Ja went picnicking with Barry, see I told you,” he says before going to hail a taxi. “She already has someone who takes her out this soon, they can’t even wait a couple days, she has to go with him the same day I leave, what a lady,” Tui says to himself.

Aum arrived in Chiang Rai with his mother and Pinky and has to look for a place for them to stay while they’re there. The second day there, he called Tui and was notified that Aff is staying with a friend and will be returning home in another day or so. Tui gave Aum Aff’s house number. Aff was sitting in the living room watching tv when he calls. “Hello,” she answers. “Hello, Aff,” he says. “Yes,” she answers. “I’m sorry for the other day,” he says. “Don’t think about it, it’s the past so let’s not bring it up,” she says, “how did you get my number?” “I just talked with Tui and he gave me this number, telling me that I can reach you there,” he says, “anyways, how’s Bangkok?” “It’s good and how is Chiang Rai, where are you all staying at?” she asked. “We’re staying at a hotel, but I can’t wait to get back to see you,” he says and she went quiet. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yes, it’s only a day or two before I returned and so will you,” she says. “Yes, think about me too, okay,” he says. “You too,” she says. “I will and can’t wait until we met again,” he says. “Same here, you take care of yourself,” she says before they hang up.

Mark went straight home for his passport then head to the airport to see when he can leave for New York. He got the plane ticket for New York the next day and that night stayed over at Tui’s place. “Are you sure you don’t want me to go?” Tui asks. “Yes, I can go because aunt and uncle isn’t home and if you go with me then no one will do your job for you,” he says. “You still have your job in Bangkok unfinished,” says Tui. “I will have my assistant contact Mr. Nampan and let him know that I won’t be able to work on the project and if he finds anyone then they can begin without me,” he says, “because I don’t know how long I will be gone.” Tui and Mark went out to the bar that night before Mark goes out of the country.

Barry, Ja and Toey went to the beach for the picnic. Barry joke making Ja and Toey laugh forgetting about their problems. By nightfall, Barry took them to the cliff and has them look at the sky, beautiful colors and the wind is just perfect, a great getaway place.

“Thanks for the picnic and the sighseeing,” say Ja getting out of the car followed by Toey. “Not a problem, would we be able to do this some other time?” he asked. Ja look at Toey before “Yes.” “Thanks,” Barry says. “Thanks to you,” she says. “Thanks for today, Barry,” say Toey, “I’ll excuse myself first,” and went inside. “Would you like to come inside for a drink before you go?” she asked him. “Sure,” he says and went inside but his phone rang and excuses himself to answer the phone while Ja went inside. “Hello,” he answers. “P’Barry, how’s your work?” ask Mint. “I haven’t start yet, the other architect isn’t here yet,” he says, “how’s over there?” “We’re doing good but I missed you, promise you won’t be there long, we have to prep for our engagement,” she says. “I will have to see,” say Barry before hanging up. Ja came out with a cup of water and hand it to Barry. He took the cup of water and sat down on the table outside while she sat across from him. “Someone missed you?” she asked. “No, it’s just my cousin sister,” he answers. “You must be close to your cousin sister,” she says with a smile. “Yes but not the way you would think,” he says sipping the water. “What do you mean?” she asked. “I love her like a sister because I don’t have any younger siblings but my parents wanted me to marry her and once I return to Chiang Mai’s that when we’ll do our engagement party,” he says. “Oh, sorry to hear that,” she says, “why don’t you try to talk to your parents about the way you feel about your cousin sister.” “I have but they don’t listen, they think we’re perfect for each other because we grew up together and they wanted her as a daughter in law,” he says. “Let your cousin sister know about the way you feel for her,” she says. “I have tried but she wouldn’t listen,” he says. “Try again because you don’t want to ruin your life after the engagement or wedding, it’s better to know now than after marriage because you’ll hurt both of you,” she says. “Thanks for the help,” he says taking a hold of her hand. “You’re welcome,” she says. “I hope you’ll be by me giving me support,” he says and she nods, “You’re a really good person, friends we’ll be.” “Friends it is,” he says and smiles at her. Aff was at the door looking at them. After Barry left, Ja went inside, “seems like Barry likes you,” say Aff sitting on the couch. “You’re still up,” say Ja sitting next to Aff. “Yes,” she says. “Barry is a really good guy, if you’re still single, you should give it a try with him,” Ja says. “But he only have eyes for you,” she says. “But I’m not available,” say Ja. “What if you are?” Aff asked. “That’s a different story,” say Ja, “why aren’t you sleeping?” “I can’t sleep,” say Aff. “Are you missing someone?” ask Ja. “No, I was just thinking that I only have two more days here before I have to go back to work, how I’m going to miss you all and wish to be back home,” says Aff. “I know, we’ll miss you too, it is too bad P’Rita has to leave when you’re coming,” say Ja. “Where did she went?” ask Aff. “P’Rita went to Pattaya with her boss,” say Ja, “Oh by the way how did you end up coming here with P’Tui and P’Mark?” “I work for his friend and I barely found that out a couple days ago when we went for dinner but too bad you returned home already,” says Aff. “Oh, is that why you came home to surprise us with P’Tui and P’Mark,” say Ja and Aff nodded. “It’s late you should go get your rest, today is a special day,” says Aff. “Okay, I’ll go get my rest but you get yours also,” say Ja then heads upstairs. Aff thought about Aum then focus on tomorrow since it’s Ja’s birthday. “P’Tui, you’re missing Ja’s birthday,” say Aff then pick up her cell phone and dial Tui but he didn’t pick up and she left him a message before heading upstairs to sleep. In the middle of the night, Toey was sleeping in her room when she dreams about Mark covered in blood and woke up. She got scare and couldn’t go back to sleep.

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Tui and Mark was getting ready to leave when Linda spotted Tui. “Tui,” says Linda and going over to hug him. “Linda, what are you doing here?” he asked. “I came with some friends,” she says. “Well have fun, we’re just about to leave,” he says while Mark is already at the door. “I haven’t seen you for a while, stay here with me,” says Linda and begin kissing him on the cheek. “I can’t Linda, I have to get Mark home he’s going out of the country tomorrow for an emergency,” says Tui. “Okay, then but can I go with the two of you?” she asked. “Okay, I will see you tomorrow,” he says and left but his phone dropped and Linda pick it up after he went out the door. Linda saw the message and calls Aff. Aff picked up her phone and saw Tui’s name pop on the screen, “Hello P’Tui, you have to come over tomorrow since it’s Ja’s birthday, you have to do something special for her. P’Tui why aren’t you saying anything?” says Aff. Linda quickly hung up and smile to herself, “Ja will get a present from us.”Aff tries calling Tui again but his phone was turn off.

The next morning, Tui and Linda took Mark to the airport and watch him leaves. “Call me and tell me how aunt’s doing,” say Tui putting his hand on Mark’s shoulder. “I will,” he says then went into the hall heading to the plane. “P’Tui, can we go shopping?” ask Linda and he nods. They went shopping at the mall and Tui brought her a lot of stuff. That day, Linda stayed with him at home.

Rome, Rita and Nong Gino went hiking but while they rest to eat, Rita heard a waterfall around the place and went in search without telling Rome and Nong Gino. When they return from using doing their business, she was nowhere in sight except for the bag that have their supplies. “Where’s mommy?” ask Nong Gino. “I don’t know, you stay here and I will go look around here for her, okay,” say Rome and went leaving Nong Gino there. He held onto the bag and sat by the tree trunk. “Rita, where are you?” Rome yells but no answer. Rita was walking and by the time she knew it, she doesn’t know where she is nor can she hear the waterfall. She tries tracing back but got lost. “Rita,” yells Rome. After 30 minutes, Rome came back to Nong Gino, “Nong Gino, I’m taking you home then I’ll come back to look for mommy, okay,” he says. “I want to go look for mommy,” he says. “It’s not safe for you to go, let me take you home and I’ll come back to find mommy,” he says and took Nong Gino back to the house. He calls for a maid to stay and look over Nong Gino while he went back out to search for Rita. As it gets darker, Rita became cold and tire but kept walking. “Rita,” yells Rome looking for her, “Rita, can you hear me?” but no answers. “Rome, help me,” she says when she finally stop to rest, “I can’t find my way back.” Until she came to a cave and went inside because it started pouring. “Rita, can you hear me, where are you?” he yells. Rita begins crying and hugging herself. After a couple hours, Rome came closer to the cave, “Rita, where are you? Can you hear me?” Rita heard him and calls back, “Rome, I’m in here,” she yells going to the opening. “Rita, where are you?” he asked again then turn and saw Rita, “Rita,” and ran to her while she also ran to him. Rome hugs her when they got to each other. “Where have you been?” he asked. “I heard a waterfall and was looking for it until I got lost,” she says. Now, they’re soaking wet and Rome hurried them into the cave. “You’re not hurt are you?” he asks. “No,” she answers. “You scare me,” he says then pulls her in for another hug before he begins kissing her and she lets him. After a while, he releases her and pulls her down to the floor. “I guess we’ll have to sleep here for the night until tomorrow,” he says and she nods. They sat together for a while before, “where’s Nong Gino?” she asked turning to look at him. “He’s at home, I took him back and have a maid stay with him while I came looking for you,” he says. “He’s probably sleeping now,” she says then turn back but he cup her face in his hands and begin to kiss her again then he laid her on the floor and got on top her.
Aum stayed in his hotel room while Pinky and his mother went out looking around Chiang Rai. He calls Aff again, “Hello,” she answers. “Aff,” he says. “Yes, Aum,” she replies. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I’m preparing for my friend’s birthday,” she says. “Sounds like fun,” he says, “when’s your birthday?” “October 27,” she says. “Why we’ve been together for a while now but I don’t even know when you’re born,” he says with a smile. “What are you doing? How’s the house?” she asks. “It’s pretty good,” he says, “I only see the outside, I haven’t been insides, I prefer for them to do that while I think about you,” he says. “Stop that,” she says not sure what else to say and went quiet. “Why are you all of a sudden quiet? You have nothing to say to me?” he asked. “I have a lot to say but I don’t know how to start besides have you talk to Mark? His mother is hospitalized so he’s leaving the country,” she says. “He hasn’t but I will contact him or talk to Tui when I get back, when are you coming back?” he asked. “When I am ready, I actually want to spend some more time with them and if you let, I want to stay another three days, is that okay,” she says. “Sure, that’s fine just remember I’ll be back at home waiting for you,” he says, “take care I will let you go in case your friends need you,” and hung up.

Ja was sitting outside hoping that Tui will return but as time ticks, she’s starting to lose faith in them together. Closer to night time, Aff came out to sit by her, “Are you waiting for someone?” Ja look at Aff with a smile, “No, I just want to sit out here,” she replies. “Anyways, why don’t you go inside, it’s kind of chilly out here,” says Aff heading inside with her cell phone out on the table. When she was heading inside, Barry came, “Hello, Ja,” he says at the gate making Ja turn around with a smile. “Hello, P’Barry,” she says and went to open the gate for him. “I hope I’m not bothering you,” he says. “No, it’s nice to have friends come over and talk,” she says and they both head inside. “Hello, P’Barry,” say Toey when she saw him. “Hello,” he replies, “Hello Mrs. Jensen.” “Hello, Barry,” says Mrs. Jensen. “Hello, Barry, what brings you here today?” ask Aff coming from the kitchen. “Well, I want to take Ja out for dinner,” he says looking at Ja. Ja look from her sisters to their mother then back to Barry with a smile. “Maybe not tonight, we’re doing something for her,” says Toey. “Today is Ja’s birthday,” say Aff going over to put her hands around Ja. “Today’s my birthday?” ask Ja. “Yes, P’Ja even forget her own birthday,” say Toey. “That’s fine then I won’t bother you all,” says Barry. “Since you’re here why don’t you join us for Ja’s birthday,” say Aff and pull Ja into the kitchen. “Let’s go mom,” say Toey and all three of them heads to the kitchen. They sang happy birthday to Ja then Aff, Ja and mom each gave a present to her. After they all gave her a present, they look at Barry. “Sorry, I didn’t know it’s her birthday so I didn’t bring anything for her,” he says. “It’s okay, P’Barry, I’m happy that you came and thanks for coming,” says Ja when she keeps glancing at the door. “I’m happy to be here on your birthday,” he says, “still since I didn’t bring you anything, I hope you’ll go to the movie with me.” “Mom, what do you think?” Ja asked their mother. “That is fine, go enjoy your birthday,” she says. “Thanks,” say Ja then turn to Barry, “let me go change and I will be right down,” then heads upstairs. “Take care of my sister,” say Aff going over to Barry. “Don’t worry I won’t let anything happen to her, you got my word on it,” he says. “That’s good to hear, don’t tell me you like my sister,” say Ja. “I do,” he says after hesitating. “That’s good to know but she’s not available anymore, she’s already married to P’Tui,” say Aff. “Oh,” say Barry. Just then Ja came downstairs and they head out. Aff tries calling Tui but couldn’t get a hold of him.

Barry took Ja to the movie then to a restaurant. “Your sisters say you’re married?” he asked. “Yes,” she replies. “I’m happy for you,” he says. “Thanks,” she says. “I hope we can still be friends and I hope you don’t mind if I still sees you,” he says. “Of course I don’t mind, we’re friends and friends talk and see each other at times,” she says. “I don’t want anyone to think otherwise about us,” he says. “Don’t worry, even though no one believes us that we have a good friendship, as long as we both know it then that’s what matters,” she says, “besides I’m happy to have a friend like you.”

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another update

As soon as Mark arrived in New York, he went to drop off his stuff at his parents’ place then head to the hospital. When he got there, his father told him that his mother needs a surgery before heading back to Thailand and they could be there for months. He told his father about Toey and their baby. His father is really happy for him because he is finally settling down and his mother can also stay home with their daughter-in-law because that is what his mother wants. When the doctor told them they can go see his mother, he told her about Toey and their baby. He promise them that once they’re back in Thailand, he’ll take them to go see Toey and that they’ll love her.

When the rain stopped, Rome got up and dressed while Rita is still sleeping. He went out to look for some food for them before they head back home. When Rita got up and didn’t see Rome anywhere, she got scared and begins to cry. When he got back, “I’m back, you’re already up,” he says bring with him some fruits. She ran to hug him and cry, “Where did you go? I’m scare being here alone,” she says. He drop the fruits and hug her back, “I’m not leaving you alone here, I will take you back with me but it’s morning and you haven’t eaten anything so I went out to look for some food but only found fruits,” he says. She let go of him and took a seat while he pick up the fruits and sat next to her. “Are you hungry?” he asked and she nods. She ate the fruits that he brought and also fed him. When they’re done with the fruits, they both head back to the house. “Mommy,” say Nong Gino running to Rita. “Nong Gino,” say Rita and hug him. “Are you okay?” he asked. “I’m okay,” she says. “Have you eaten?” he asked. “Have you?” she asked him back. “No, I was waiting for you and daddy so we all can eat together,” says Nong Gino. “Okay, then let’s go eat breakfast, daddy is starving,” says Rome. “Okay,” says Nong Gino following Rome into the kitchen and Rita soon follows. After eating, Rome took Nong Gino and Rita shopping.
While Rome, Rita, and Nong Gino were shopping, Rome went into a jewelry store and was looking at a ring when Ae entered the jewelry store with her friends. “P’Rome, what are you doing here?” ask Ae going over to Rome. “Ae,” say Rome, “what are you doing here?” “I’m here with my friends, what are you doing here?” Ae asked then with a smile, “don’t tell me you’re here to buy me a ring,” then start looking at the ring. “Ae, I think it’s best if we go out,” he says but her friends came inside to see what they’re doing. “Ae, you didn’t tell us P’Rome is already here with a ring waiting for you,” say one of her friends. “I didn’t know that P’Rome is here also, he surprises me, didn’t I ever tell you guys that,” say Ae holding onto Rome’s arm. “Tell us when are you two getting married?” ask another friend. “You don’t even have to ask, it’ll be soon because P’Rome is already buying a ring for Ae,” say another friend and everyone starts laughing. Then one of the worker came and hand Rome the ring he wanted to see, “thanks,” say Rome to the worker then Ae took the ring and examine it, “this is beautiful, P’Rome, I didn’t know you know how to select ring even without me here,” then gave Rome a kiss on the cheek. Just in time, Rita and Nong Gino return with ice cream cones and when Rita saw Ae kiss Rome, she drops the two ice cream cones she was holding. “Mommy, are you okay?” ask Nong Gino looking at Rita. “I’m okay, let’s go out and get some fresh air, okay, Nong Gino,” say Rita leading Nong Gino outside so he won’t see Rome with Ae. While sitting outside, Rita looks sad because Rome is buying a ring for Ae in front of her friends in the jewelry store. After a while, Rita’s cell rang but she didn’t pick up. Tugging on Rita’s sleeve, “Mommy, is daddy calling us?” ask Nong Gino. “Nong Gino, daddy is not calling us, he probably forgot about us,” say Rita holding onto Nong Gino’s hand. “When are we going to look for dad?” ask Nong Gino. “In a bit, we will go look for dad, okay,” say Rita. “Okay, mommy,” say Nong Gino.

Barry drop Ja off at home, “Why don’t you come home, Barry, thanks for taking me out,” say Ja. “You’re welcome, Ja, I’m happy to see you smiling and having a good time,” he says with a smile, “It’s late I better get going, thanks for going out with me today.” “If you don’t come in then have a safe drive back,” say Ja then close the door and head inside. Once she was inside, Barry drove off.
“How was the date?” tease Toey as soon as Ja got inside. “What are you talking about, Toey?” say Ja going to sit on the couch. “You’re back, how was it?” ask Aff coming downstairs. “It was good, P’Barry took us to watch a hilarious movie then we went to dinner,” say Ja. Aff came to sit on the couch beside her, “P’Tui hasn’t called you? Are yoe, u planning to hang with P’Barry?” Ja look at Aff, “what do you mean?” “What P’Aff means is that are you really divorcing P’Tui?” say Toey which silence Ja for a few minutes before speaking, “I don’t know, if that is the last thing that I should do for him, which I think it is, I will gladly divorce him, I shouldn’t give in when Auntie and Uncle announced us to get marry, what was I thinking.” “You love him, so you went along with it,” say Toey. “You were yourself Ja, you know as well as us that that’s your dream to marry P’Tui, there is nothing wrong with what you did, you did it out of love,” say Aff. “But it wasn’t love for him, P’Aff and Toey,” say Ja getting teary, “why would I keep him when he’s never mine in the first place? It was a mistake that I married him otherwise he would of have married the one he love,” say Ja, “maybe I should divorce him.” “Well, what does your heart say?” ask Toey. “Follow your heart Ja,” say Aff grabbing a hold of Ja’s hand. “I don’t know yet, give me a couple days and I will have my answer to the divorce, besides I shouldn’t hold him back from his happiness,” say Ja, “but promise you two won’t tell mom about this.” “okay,” they both say in unison. Just then the sound of something broken came from upstairs and they all ran into mother’s room. When they open the door, they found mom on the ground and the lamp broken beside her. “mom,” they all say in unison and running to mom. “Quick, call the ambulance, Toey,” say Aff and Toey quickly went downstairs to call the ambulance.

The ambulance came and took mom to the emergency. The three sisters were in the hall pacing back and forth. “have you call Rita, P’Aff?” say Ja. “I forgot, let me call right now,” say Aff and quickly call Rita.

“What are you two doing out here? I thought you went to buy us ice cream,” say Rome coming to sit next to Nong Gino. “Daddy, we got the ice cream but…” say Nong Gino. “Of course we did but I feel a bit dizzy and dropped the ice cream. So I took Nong Gino and I out here to get some air, how did you know to find us out here?” Rita asked. “I don’t know, somehow I just look for both of you out here, there is nothing good inside,” say Rome with a smile. “What a liar, he has everything good inside,” say Rita to herself. “Well, if we’re not doing any more shopping, let’s head back home,” say Rome and took Nong Gino’s hand. Rita followed them but was sad herself. As they head home, “when are we going home?” she ask. “Why? mommy you want to go home already?” ask Nong Gino. “Well, Nong Gino, Rome might have some business that can’t wait for him so I was just asking,” say Rita turning to look at Nong Gino. “No, we still have two more days here so let’s make use of it,” say Rome smiling to Rita which made Rita blushed. “What if Mr. Nampan is in need of help?” ask Rita. “Dad’s okay, he’s had the company for a long time and nothing happened, dad can take care of the business,” he says. “what if something happens at home?” ask Rita. “Rita, stop blurting out questions, we’ll be here for another two days, whatever is happening can wait,” he says and grab a hold of Rita’s hand. “what are you doing?” she asked pulling her hand back but his grip was too strong for her. “Nothing, I just want to hold your hand,” say Rome. “Nong Gino is going to see,” she say. “it’s okay, we’re mommy and daddy and this is what mommy and daddy do, right Nong Gino,” he say. “Yes, daddy, that’s why I’m here,” say Nong Gino. “Nong Gino, that’s not appropriate for little kids to say,” say Rita and pull her hand free. When they got home, Nong Gino went to the shore to play with some kids. Rita went into the kitchen to fix snacks for them while Rome went upstairs. A couple minutes later, Rome came downstairs and hug Rita from behind. “How long do you think Nong Gino is going to play outside?” he asked. “I don’t know,” say Rita trying to get him off her, “Rome, don’t do this, in case anyone sees.” “No one is going to see besides everyone thinks we’re husband and wife,” he says. “Stop that nonsense, no one thinks we’re husband and wife,” she says. “Oh, yes, everyone thinks that because Nong Gino calls us mommy and daddy,” Rome says and begin kissing Rita’s neck. “Rome, stop that,” say Rita. “No, I missed you,” say Rome and carry Rita upstairs. “Rome, put me down, Rome,” say Rita struggling. “Stop struggling, Rita, I missed you and want some time alone with you,” say Rome closing the door behind them as they got into the bedroom. “Rome, stop this,” say Rita. “No,” he says. “Rome, stop this, I need to some time alone and prepare snack for Nong Gino,” she says. “No,” he says and put her on the bed then came down on her. “Rome,” say Rita then got teary. “Are you okay?” Rome asked. “Rome, is this what you want from me?” ask Rita. “What are you talking about?” ask Rome getting up. “I’m sorry,” say Rita and quickly got up and left the room. Rita got downstairs, she stop and look up the stairs hoping to see Rome there coming after her but he wasn’t there. Just then her cell rang and went outside to the balcony to answer her phone, “hello.” “Rita, are you back in town yet?” ask Aff. “No, is something wrong?” ask Rita. “Mom’s in the hospital, the doctor’s are in the room with her,” say Aff. “What, mom is in the hospital?” repeat Rita. “Yes,” say Aff. “Is mom okay?” ask Rita. “We don’t know yet, the doctor hasn’t come out to tell us what happened,” say Aff. “Okay, I’m coming right now,” say Rita and hung up. Rita went upstairs and opens the door to the bedroom. Rome was still sitting on the bed. “Rome, I need to go back home, please,” say Rita coming to him. “Why? Is something wrong?” he asked. “Rome, my…please Rome, take me home,” she says. “I told you we have two days before we can go, we’re not going anywhere,” he says. “I can’t stay Rome, there is an emergency at home with my mom,” says Rita. “No, Rita, I say no,” he yell and got up. “Rome, this is regarding my mom, I need to go,” say Rita crying. “I say no, Rita, why can’t you listen to orders,” he say and turn back to look at her. “Rome,” say Rita crying. Rome went over to her, wipe her tears and kiss her but she turn her head. “Get out Rita, I don’t want to see you,” he says and push her out the door. “Rome, you have to listen to me, I really need to go home and see my mom,” say Rita pounding on the door for him to open. “Go away, Rita,” he says from the other side of the door. “Rome, you can’t do this, you can’t just force me to go out, I need to talk to you and get everything straight so we don’t have this misunderstanding,” say Rita. “Go, Rita, I don’t want to see you nor talk to you, get away,” he yell. Rita crying even more ran down the stairs and got her phone and small purse. While outside, she look at Nong Gino deciding to just go but she couldn’t so she went over to him and let him know that something happen to grandma and she needs to go and for him to have fun with Rome. “mommy, are you coming back?” he asked. “I don’t know, Nong Gino, you take care of yourself and look after Rome if I don’t come back,” she says. “but you must, Rome and I will be sad without you,” say Nong Gino still hugging Rita. “I will see you back at home,” say Rita. “Promise,” say Nong Gino. “Promise, I won’t let you down,” say Rita and Nong Gino release her and let her go. He watched after her and begin crying then ran into the house. On the way home, Rita was crying

Mark’s mom was released from the hospital and went home. “I can’t wait to go return home and see Nong Toey,” say his mother to him and his father. “Of course, I can’t wait to see her too,” say his father. “I know the two of you will love her,” say Mark, “I am waiting until mom fully recovers before we leave then the two of you will meet her.” “That’s good, Mark don’t forget to call her and tell her to be careful, and let me talk to her,” say his mother patting his hand. That night, Mark called Tui, “Hello Tui, how is everything there?” he asked. “Good so far, busy working and you? How’s your mother?” Tui asked. “Mom’s recovering, is Ja with you, can I talk to her?” ask Mark. “She’s not here, she’s still at home,” answer Tui. “What you haven’t went to pick her up yet?” ask Mark. “No, I am busy don’t have time to go,” Tui say. “Don’t wait, Ja’s your wife, you need to watch over her,” say Mark. “I don’t have time to watch over someone, Mark, she’s old enough to look after herself,” say Tui. “Sure, are you still seeing Linda?” ask Mark. “Sometimes,” say Tui. “Does Ja know about Linda?” ask Mark. “Maybe, maybe not,” say Tui, “I don’t care if she does or not.” “Okay, I won’t talk to you about Ja but will you be able to give me their home number, mom wants to speak to Toey,” say Mark. “I only have Aff’s number, I will call you back with their home number,” say Tui. “Okay, have Aum return yet?” ask Mark. “No, he’s not back yet and I haven’t talk to him either,” say Tui. “Okay, don’t forget to get me Toey’s number,” say Mark before hanging up.

stay tune for more to come...


sarNie Adult
whew that's a lot of catching up i have to read may i suggest that you break up the paragraphs it gets kinda cluster together and hard to follow


RujRasa Fan
whew that's a lot of catching up i have to read may i suggest that you break up the paragraphs it gets kinda cluster together and hard to follow
thanks for the suggestion, i will work on that. am currently writing my fanfic should have something up by tomorrow night and the followings