For anyone that misses Tik...


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Thanks SO, i miss him too .. i actually have the ost to him singing in this lakorn .. sound so tikker .. LOl ..
btw. i did not finish this one too .. i still have yet to finish wung waree fully, i skip here and there. i saw they're in bed !!! :that's crazy !!!

i want good lakorn from him .. that sitcom is no longer draw in my attention :(


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Thanks for sharing; i never saw that clip before. Why couldn't he have come back with a lakorn!? =[


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I hope he is still doing more lakorns...i really want him to pair up with Aff...i think they can make a really cute couple


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where the hell is he? does he not realize that we're suffering without him?

i mean, yeah, i've got Ken and Krit to keep me somewhat occupied... but still i miss Tik too!


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Hi ya'll...

i'm a new member here...nice to know u all! :p

i'm a huge fan of phi tik as well and of course phi aom too

miss them both lakorn so mucho!!

some says that a new lakorn call 'PROM LIKIT' will be their both new lakorn says that it will be a surprise from phi boy for them....i hope this is true!! keep praying guys!! B)

and if u all haven't yet join their both fanclub..come and join's the link.. ;)

catch ya' later! :D
If you guys miss Tik so much people are saying that he might have another lakorn with Aom. And he also has a new movie about called DEEP IN THE JUNGLE.


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awww Tik and Aom need a new lakorn plus i wanna see one of him with Ann T that would be so hot too... i miss his hot body and cute smiles... and his cheekiness...


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yea i'm sad too...
i really like lakorns because of him....>.<
i hope to see him more in lakorns...^^


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Well, good news ladies, at least Tik will be back for a lakorn with Aff, the remake of we get to see lakorn Tik again!!!!


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that would be wonderful if that hunk of hotness came back. i loved the drama he did with aom a while back. thats when i fell in love with him, i'm really looking forward to see him again in lakorns.