Cupid's Mistress-One Shot-Myth #2


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Continuing on with One Shot Love Story, the sisters are very imaginative and again I instantly start my brainstorming. JJinx has the just of it; I only wish I can be a small shining light for her candle! JJinx you are my inspiration to pick up a pen!

Here I go on my first attempt….on a short love story. My apologies ahead of time I do not know what and where this God is from which country’s origin and hence this mythical tale is weaved…


Eros was his name. He exuded sultry masculinity and had the face of perfection. He was the Golden God. He spread love around the world in bounds of earthly pleasures or other worldly ecstasy. Women and Goddesses fall upon his feet even for one day, an hour, a minute or a second they beg to be in his arms and experience the mind numbing pleasures of his touches and succulent kisses from this Immortal Lover.

Due to the overwhelming attention he receives from female humans and Goddesses alike he felt love was fleeting and escapes him. Eros had never loved which was irony to his namesake. He was also known as Cupid in modern day terms. A majority of man thought he was a child-like cherub as depicted and romanticized by the corporate world but if they witness his true image the world would stand still and gawk at his uncanny beauty and rock solid physique.

One day when passing by an isolated meadow and what looked to be a satyr, he witnessed a very pale and frightened woman-child; how old could she be? She looked to be barely a woman. She was tied at the stakes and left at the pillars. Here was the most basic and hostile land of its time but yet they religiously worshipped him at this temple. She had the longest tresses of the blackest curly hair and it was windblown all around her face. She was left there on her own and forcibly confined at the temple.

Immediately he came to her he couldn’t believe that the humans were getting worse every century. They believed too strongly in superstitions and this time around it was no difference. The maiden or virgin sacrifice was the most popular form of ceremony to the Gods but he never once was ever sacrificed a live human. Why now? What was their reasoning behind torturing this innocent woman?

She was barely conscious and her porcelain skin tone was at a parlour one shade below gray. He willed away her bondage and saw the many bruises on her arms, legs and body. His anger flared right away as he was the God of Love not punishment. His heart doubled over as he felt so much pity and regret for her. She was actually really stunning to look upon even with all of her blemishes and bruises. Her beauty was perfect; very well matched to his flawless features. She wasn’t slim nor was she voluptuous; she was just Heaven.

Not realizing he bent down to graced his firm lips over her soft lips. Instantly Eros’ heart was pierced by his own arrow. He had fallen in love with this gentle creature and all it took was a brief touch. He carried her away and walking towards the vast meadow he opened a portal into the realm that was his haven. Laying her gently on the goose feathered and gigantic bed he realized too that once she awakens she may fall prey to his looks and sacrifice herself to him willingly. With her he did not want that. He wanted more than the physical compatibility and easy lust from her. He needed to test her and her loyalty. If she was to love him she should forsake all other things that the eyes can see. She will love him for who he is from within. Beauty and age will come and go but the heart will remain the same. She was also human; he knew their love will not last for eternity unless she is his one true love as his father has foretold in his gift of Sight. But Eros must be prepared if she was not the one he will be deceased as a God and sent to Earth as a normal man. That was his fate.

She opened her eyes slowly and tried to adjust to the darkness. Where was she? Had she finally died she prayed this was true. It was almost 3 days and 3 nights since the villagers use her as a human sacrifice to the God that they called Eros. They left her to die without food or water as was her fate those many days ago. She became bitter over the fact as the God of Love, he had asked for a virgin sacrifice in order for their village to meet with prosperity again. Eros was a cold and heartless God she thought vehemently. She was the most beautiful maiden in their village both young and old women voted for her because one they hated her and second they were jealous in case their husbands wanted her. She was always an orphan, no one could explain where she came from and as she grew to be older and more beautiful the villagers sent her away; away from their men. She was never conceited but yet everyone feared her. Words whispered that she was a sorceress too but in reality she was an ordinary person; she learned the ways of nature and that was how she survived and kept herself healthy. Looking around the room now it seemed the light appeared on its own. Every item in this room was made of threads of gold and various light fabrics of white silk were used as part of the bed or the billowing accents that seem to hang down from the sky. Was she really in heaven? The softest bed was underneath her and looking down upon herself she was garbed in the softest fabric a King can only search for. It was pure white as well and left a lot to the imagination.

She turned to see a figure that caught the corner of her eye. Who or actually what was that in which it was coming towards her? It was all a cloud of black smoke but yet she knew and felt it was a man or was it a God? Instinctively she touched her lips as if someone had just pressed theirs onto her. Her cheek was graced as well. What was going on? She then became frightened about the black cloud as it was upon her. When she was about to open her mouth to scream as the cloud covered her she heard a gentle voice.

“Do not be scared. If I was to harm you I wouldn’t be here with you. What is your name child?” the man’s voice was like heaven, he resonate power and an underlying seduction was heard in his question.

She didn’t hesitate to answer him, “My name is Helen and I am not a child! I am 20 years old already.”

The voice laughed out loud. Eros couldn’t believe her fired response. She was definitely not a child to him any longer as he saw the passion cloud her eyes when he called her a child. He knew she was a little scared but refused to show her weakness to him but he knew. He enveloped her with the black cloud and took her into his arms. She was his. She was meant for him. She would be his mistress.

“Helen. The most beautiful woman in all of Troy and possibly Earth if the legends are true. I will let you know that I want you as my mistress. You will not deny me this.” He whispered in her ear and that caused her body to shiver in anticipation. The feelings were so foreign to her.

She wasn’t allowed to respond as warm breath and a kiss which followed suit caused her to think of nothing else but the moment in his arms. He stroked her neck and down her back then he gently trailed his fingers down her back and as it caressed every each of her skin she then realized she was fully naked. She took in the intoxicating scent of the man that was hidden behind the black cloud. Who was he or what was he? As if reading her mind he answered in another calming tone.

“Shhh I am only here to give you pleasure sweeting. You have the most luscious and enticing figure I have ever laid eyes on and you shall be cherished accordingly and thoroughly by me. You are the Mistress of my love. I promise you will have nothing to fear or regret.”

This caused Helen to weaken as his words were becoming so seductive and they felt magical to her ears. She didn’t fight him. Every kisses he planted on her she allowed. There were kisses on her eyes, nose, cheeks, eyelids and lastly mouth she willingly give in to him. He suckled at her innocent sweetness and showed her his experienced passionate nature. Helen was lost, so very lost to this new passion that was slowly kindling into a burst of flame that nothing can douse but him. But who was this person, why must he hide in a cloud of blackness.

Eros pressed against her letting her know how much he wanted her and she accepted all of him. She didn’t shy away from all the new delights of lovemaking and so he taken her to his heaven and back. Coming back down she screamed with pain as he entered her not realizing how much of a difference there was between them in size and shape and then reality returned. Why had she not fought harder to keep her virtue? She lost her virginity to a complete stranger. Tears slowly trickled down her face.

Eros realized with his overzealous passion in which he’s never encountered in so many centuries he didn’t give much thought to Helen. He hurt her and he needed to soothe her sorrow. Kissing her again she tried to push at him and get him off of her but he didn’t want her to fight him. This second time around he vowed to show her why he was called the Love God for a reason. She hesitated briefly and then she surrendered to his ministrations. He gave her the passion she had missed the first time and now she became addicted to her new lover. For Eros he was her only and last. She was only his and he would fight with all other Gods too if they dare to try to take Helen from him. They stayed in bed the rest of the day as Eros showed his new mistress about the power of passion and the significance of this bond between two individuals that was destined to be with each other.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Helen sitting alone once more waited for her lover behind the black cloud. He always came to her at night now and underneath the golden peach tree. She smelled the blossoms which permeated its scent across the orchard. Every night she waited patiently here for her lover. She didn’t know what he looked like. Whenever she asked him he would say it was too troublesome for her and others to see him. What matters most are that they love each other and that should be enough for her. It was for him.

He would always make love to her each night. The passion never wavered as the special bond they have together was a gift from the Gods themselves. Helen believed this with all of her heart. She liked where she was now and she was glad to be here in his world because she no longer felt lonely and unwanted. Growing up she always ever felt very alone and envied by all. She really felt she belonged here and with him. He only answered to husband and called her his mistress of his heart. Her heart became filled with happiness when she think about all the time they spend together talking, listening and most especially enjoying their time making passionate love endlessly.

Tonight she waited for him but he seemed to be late. She didn’t know how she knew but she knew it. Her husband was very late. Was something the matter with him? She started to panic but then she saw the black cloud coming towards her.

“Did you miss me my mistress?” He asked her. Helen ran into the black cloud not caring ever what she would find in there.

“Yes very much! If something was to ever happen to you what will I do? I know I love you too much and will always forever my husband.” She held on tightly to his hard body and he stroked her back as she confessed her love to him.

“You should know that I would never leave you as long as you love me honestly and faithfully. More and more I do know you feel this way. Even when you have no idea what I look like you still accept me for who I am and what we have.” He was proud that his mistress may be his destiny as his father foreseen.

Helen was his life and he would never allow her to return to earth. She belonged to him and with him in this haven of his he created for them. She was his life.

“My world belongs here with you. I would never betray you.” She whispered to him and he rewarded her with a kiss and more.

As the new day peeked through the stream into the sunlight, Helen awakened to no one. Where did he disappear to now? He never left their bed the morning after. He has been acting strange and differently more and more.

She walked back out into the orchard but didn’t find her husband. Was this a new diversion for him was he now tired of her? She strolled to the gated border of the orchard. She never once thought about leaving this new home. With the last thought she heard a twig snap behind her and she was startled. Who was here?

Turning around she almost fell into the arms of the stranger. Yet he seemed very familiar to her but the same time that face she never have seen before. He was very beautiful not handsome as you would describe a man but he was perfection; there were no other word to describe him. Who was he and how did he get here?

“Who are you? You are trespassing on my husband’s land.” She informed him and wanting him to step back from her.

Did he not realize she was not a woman easily swayed by a flawless face and great specimen of a man? He only came closer to her and closing the distant even more between them.

“You are simply perfection my beautiful enchantress. It is too sad that you have a husband but I don’t believe you. Since I came upon this place I haven’t heard or seen anyone else but you. Come to me, I can be your new husband even though I don’t believe it for an instant that you have one. You are too enchanting to belong to anyone especially a mere mortal. Do you not know who I am? I am Eros or Cupid. I am the Golden God and the perfect lover. I will gladly have you as my wife.”

Helen backed away with his words not realizing she backed herself up against the tree trunk. The god called Eros placed both arms up beside her head. There was no escaping from him, he moved his face closer to her and smelled her sweet perfume he was about to kiss her but she ducked and noticed the fallen tree branch on the ground she picked it up quickly even though it was a bit heavy but she still held on tight to it and was about to raise it at his head.

“Wait! I am not here to hurt you but I think you are too beautiful to be a prisoner here. I know now who he was your husband I believe your words now. Was it a man behind a dark shadow of smoke?” He asked her and waited for her response. Her eyes widened at his words.

“Yes it is he who is my husband. But wait what did you mean was?” looking at him to see if he will tell her what had happened to her husband.

“I only know that he tried to attack me and I send him away. He will not return to harm you. Did you not know that he was the most hideous looking creature I have ever laid eyes on?” he inquired with her and saw the look of devastation then a flash of rage overtook her.

“You killed my husband! I will kill you!” She ran at him with the branch and he had to stop her before she hurt herself. She still had forgotten that he was a God and immortal. Nothing and not especially a mere woman can harm him.

“Stop this, what was done is done. I will send you back to where you came from but unless you want to become my wife then I will let you stay here.” He advised her but saw the pain in her eyes and she whimpered with a heart wrenching cry and her body fainted at a dead heap at his feet.

Eros looked down at his wife as he cradled her light weight in his arms. He was testing her today and she passed with every words and actions she displayed. When she awoke he will reveal everything to her. He carried Helen back into their love nest.

Awakening in the warmth of her husband’s arms and his powerful body enveloping her, Helen turned around only to come to face to face with the stranger. How could her body have mistaken this stranger for her husband? Her husband that this God had confessed he had killed. She shoved at him but he didn’t release her and neither did he open his eyes.

She cried for her loss and her husband’s life. No matter if he was the hideous creature that this God had informed her, he was the only man she had and will ever love. She would take her life as well as soon as she could escape this God named Eros.

“I wouldn’t advise that you take your life to be with a monster. I know everything that you are thinking. It is very rare to find a woman like you and a mortal only. What was so special about this husband of yours, Helen is it? He couldn’t compare to me. I am a God I can give you everything your heart desires.” He tried to convince her to change her mind but she was not having any of that nonsense he was spewing.

“I will not love no other even if we were not truly married in the sense of the word I will forever only love him. It was more than the outside appearance for us. He did not love me for what I look like and I as well did not care what was beneath that black cloud. I loved him from hearing what he says and what he does for me. We loved each others company. You have taken away the most precious and irreplaceable person in my life and I will never forgive you!” she cried out loud trying to make Eros understand her loss.

“Listen. Can you hear my heart? Do you not recognize my touch? How about my kisses should I demonstrate Helen?” and with that he turned her so that she was beneath him and he kissed her thoroughly and lovingly.

Helen initially tried to push Eros away but then her body only ever responded to one man and that was her husband. How can this be?

“It is possible that I am one and the same mistress of my heart. You showed me that you are genuinely in love with me. You didn’t care what I looked like and here I tested you further to see if you will be like the rest of them; both women and Goddesses that lust after my looks and body only. You are not like them. That is why and the reason I love you so much Helen.” Eros looked down at her now, she was weeping yet again but he felt it was from happiness.

“You really are my husband. Eros or Cupid you are the same; you are my husband behind the black cloud. You are absolutely beautiful. But now I fear that I am very lacking in your presence now.” She calmly stated this. Things may get more complicated in future due to his words about others are after him or after his loving appeals.

“That doesn’t matter Helen. It matters only that we love each other and you are mine. My destiny, well you shall now live forever. Here is your life now beside me. You are my destiny and I shall give you the Gods immortal power. You will be my wife and be part of my world for infinite. I love you so much Helen. You are my heart.”

“I love you too husband. I will forever be yours.” Helen kissed her husband thoroughly and he accepted her love willingly.

Love overcomes all obstacles and the test of time. Eros found his love and so he changed his views of love itself as now he had firsthand experience with Helen. They loved each other their whole immortal life and further more they had very beautiful children which blossomed from their union. The Demi-Gods and Goddesses with human emotions roamed both the realm of Gods and Earth.

[My facts are pure fiction I didn’t research the significance historical story behind Eros. This was a story I read a long, long time ago and now sharing what I only remember and weaving my own tale from memory of this unique love story]



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what a very interesting pairing, Helen and Eros :D The story is really good. She had loved him even though he haven't seen him yet. Reading these myths one shots makes me want to make one too LOL


sarNie Hatchling

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Go for it! The more the merrier! I may add one more to the God & Goddesses Myths! Cannot wait to read yours if you do decide to write one.


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Sary, thank you for writing an amazingly romantic love story!! I can't wait to read another one of your mythical fanfic!!


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Sary !! Wow !!! What a great short story and with the god of love nonetheless !!!! Nadech ? God of love ? Yeah ! I can so see it ! Lol !
I really loved this one , hope to see more stories like this , they are soooo romantic Aaaaaawwwwwwww !!!!.....
Sary , the one I am dying to read is the yakuza inspired one !!! i am so anticipating that one !!! ( stars in eyes !) But hey ! I am not complaining far from it , you have spoiled us with your great imagination between a passionate kiss on the back of a horse and the god of love , I have been flying on cloud 9 all weekend !!! Lol!!! LOVE YOU SARY !!! <3