[Ch7] Plerng Pranang (Kantana) : Aum Patcharapa / Yui Jeeranan / Kelly Tanapat

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sarNie Coma
I should definitely get an award for sticking it out with a lakorn this long, I don't even remember the last time I watched a lakorn with this many episodes. Luckily I watched this lakorn in chunks rather than over the course of a couple of days or else I think I would have gone crazy. I think watching in chunks has helped me have a better perception of this lakorn.

The cast did a good job even though Manow playing Tonon's mother is hilarious since she is two years younger and he had to kowtow her. Praew's a great actress, you pity her when she plays the poor helpless n'ek and you think she's nuts when she's evil. Thisa did good playing the goody two shoes since all I wanted to do was kick her for being such a spineless being. Like come on your sister killed your baby and sterilized you yet you act like all is good. Khun Chanon is hilarious as Tongpaeng and the same with Kratip playing his mom Tongnuan, these two were the highlight for me. The way he always asks for alcohol and the way she babies him is the best, kind of makes you forget she's only three years older.

Aum and Kelly have serious chemistry in the beginning when they were lovers, they probably would have made a good pra'nang years earlier. Aum did a good job for someone who is known for putting in no effort nowadays. The scene where she was exiled on a raft was great. You can't help but root for her even when she's evil lol.

The lakorn itself went in circles in both generations. Way too much of Thip yelling out that she wants to die and Thip and Tongnuan having the same arguments in every episode in the beginning and way too much Pinmanee abusing Raynumad and plotting to put herself in ultimate power. Could have easily been an interesting lakorn in just 16 episodes but dragged out 1o more.

This lakorn made me read up on Myanmar history and surprisingly some of the things in this lakorn is close to history minus the crazy characters. The last king really did marry two of his own half sisters.
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sarNie Hatchling
Just went back and finished this lakorn and I have to say this is Channel 7 best lakorn till this day. Everything from the actors, settings and clothes makes you immerse in the story and feels like you are actually living in Muang Thip. I like the rendition of the song, Jennifer Kim makes it much more impactful and dramatic than the older version. I have heard that some people say the costumes and hairstyles are extravagant and that they remind them of Fan Bingbing Empress of China, but I love them because they do give off a royal setting and how powerful the characters are. I do, however, agree that there are too much bitxslappin between Aum and Krathip, and they do not represent royals at all lmao. The reason why some viewers believe that this lakorn is close to Burmese history, it is because the novel itself is based on a non-fiction historical account of Burma. Making the settings to reflect a fictional country is fine, however I do believe they would have had to go an extra mile to change the hairstyles to avoid conflicts also because they do remind me of Burmese. Anyway a good lakorn, probably should have shortened a little bit.