sarNie Tombstone
I'm counting this lakorn on my watch list too I like Om with Cherry and as well to Om/Rotmay
omg jealous, intense, dramatic love to see P'Om play a meanie


sarNie Juvenile
It's a typically storyline. 4 brothers fighting over the n'ek. The p'ek's character seems like a meanie too so there might be some slap and kiss?????!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAPPPPPP!!!! 4 brothers liking one nangek !! Gahhh! I love this!!!!! lol.
ahaha, excuse my mental stuff here! & just to think that rotmay and om?! Om as a meanieee guy!
Wow, this is just smexxxy stuff we talking bout here! lol. & is that the guy 'guy' dude from mai mee wan tay who play as
the vamp? If it is, omfg, i have a thingyyy for him. 0.0 Im excited. You can't stop a girl from fan-girling every where. .


sarNie Hatchling
I can't count how many time I have rewatched the T-ser. This is the first time Om, Rotmay and Kan doing a lakorn together. I also saw Note. I can't wait to watch Om again!


sarNie Immature
Oy I thought I was the only one re-watching the teaser for more than hundreds time already hahah. I seriously can't wait for this. Too bad it's for CH7.


sarNie Immature
*excited* My sixth sense is telling me that this lakorn wouldn't be that great as I thought it would, but I don't care, as long as it is Om and Rotmay.

Thanks for the information, Zowie_lol_Sin.