[CH3] Sataya Tis Tarn (Who and Who): Son Yuke/Diana Flipo

Discussion in 'Currently broadcasting & New Lakorn' started by Maricon, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Well glad they decided to drop the DDH remake since that wasn't that long ago (even if I didn't watch it). I really want to see Mint in a period lakorn, but this one sounds a little bit like Two Spirits' Love with the whole past life thing, minus the supernatural powers. So my vote goes to Mew on this one.
  3. Erlee

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    I love to see Yaya in a period lakorn....Mark and Yaya please
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  4. kodocha

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    i want to see Yaya to in period lakorn she never did that before it will be intresting and spread her acting more and about the lead anyone will be good with Yaya since she is a great actress but i like her to pair with someone new
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  5. AnnTfan

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    Wow, hoping for Kim cause she has nothing right now and she hasn't been in a period lakorn.
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  6. MomRamy

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    I hope so too, but do you know if who and who is a good production?
  7. AnnTfan

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    I actually don't know.
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    English Tran by Dara News FB: According to Ch3 Thailand Drama, Diana Flipo to play couples with Son Yuke in a new TV Drama, ‘Suttay Titarn’, which will be produced by Who & Who Production of Thai TV3.
    ‘Suttaya Titarn’ is a drama that happened in the past (3-5 reign of King) and also the present. The main actor (Son Yuke) is a man who was born in high class family and travels the time to the past. This drama will start filming soon.
  10. jjinxx

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    Cool! a new pairing.
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  11. xcinsationalx

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    Neither of them are my favorite, but we will see
  12. x.ATKD.x

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    *whispers* Can someone tell me why Diana is becoming a "thing" ?! lol.
    (I find her bland BUT there has to be something there that other people can see that I can't.)
  13. byebye

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    Lol...same. She actually not bad as supporting but as a n'ek, I just don't get her.
  14. jeanie1

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    Ae's her manager. But you know to each their own. I don't swoon over Son Yuke either and he has tons of fans. I'm just glad this means Pat is free to do some other project without Son and P'Kai.
  15. x.ATKD.x

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    The "Ae" factor #GOALS .
  16. diann

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    Why are they still trying to promote her as nangek. her acting isn't up to par and she just doesn't stand out.
  17. D~D

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    Her acting is not all that great but with practice, she'll eventually get there. I think she's comsider Ch.3 "newbie" and I have to say, she's got the gentle feature. :)
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    Came upon this picture on IG of Son and Diana actually together and thought I'll share it with you all.


  19. D~D

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    It would had been nice if it was Mew:) but sadly it wasn't. :(

    son+mew.PNG mew+son.PNG mew+sonyuke.PNG
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