[CH3] Payakorn Sorn Ruk (Thanud Lakorn): James Jirayu / Ice Preechaya

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  1. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    I was all relieved too, didnt even last 24 hrs. :facepalm: But at least her acting isnt so bad though.
  2. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Will be watching this from far, far away from the TV/computer screen. Lol
  3. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Ice looks pretty with her short hair. I like it, but I agree with you guys. They should set the camera really far. lol Ice seems to be lowkey getting wrinkles around her eyes/face. She was really pretty and fresh looking during ATM and IFTYLY. They looked really tired at the opening ceremony. I hope my baby Ji get some rest. He looks so tired and hot. My poor baby had to wear a turtleneck, which doesn't help at all.
  4. mistyh2o

    mistyh2o sarNie Egg

    They are an odd pairing. I don’t know what to expect out of this?

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  5. Jakriya

    Jakriya sarNie Egg

    Let see, they haven’t fitting yet right?
  6. 040156

    040156 sarNie Adult

    So i guess i am moving on to here now that Game Sanaeha is over.

    I saw Ice only in that movie I Fine Thank you Love You. She has a nice english accent. She is also cute there. I have full faith in Pa'Jaew no matter what. I think this will work, one way or another.

    Although admittedly, i don't like the plot much. The n'ek is supposedly a fortune-teller of sorts and predicts that the p'ek (who is an actor) gets someone pregnant, which of course gives him bad rep, then there's a plot to kill her/them then she gets pregnant... What? Haha i hope this would be on the comedic side. James hasn't played a naughty funny guy since Ruk sud rit. After he has cried buckets in Game Sanaeha, i think a comedy would be a good break.
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  7. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    Fitting today, they looked good together :icon12::icon12::icon12:

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  8. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    The drama looks fun lol 6F5046A4-A75F-4530-8D57-B455259C1973.jpeg
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  9. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    they do look cute. Ice actually looks kind of pretty! i think its because she doesnt have super heavy makeup on. the previous event they took pictures at, ice looked really bad upclose so ill give my final thoughts once i see some upclose pics
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  10. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    DlrF1UeU4AAJDbH.jpeg DlrD9OmU0AANC_2.jpeg DlqWhoVU4AEMKYy.jpeg
    cr. to rightful owners
    omg ice looks a million times better here then in the other pictures of her and james! this simple makeup and curly hairstyle suits her way more than thick makeup. and wow james looks super hot! i wonder what role the little girl will play? and james is holding a gun in the last pic
  11. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    She will be his niece
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  12. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    Agree with you, she’s very pretty here.
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  13. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

  14. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    There is gif made me die, I’m sorry but I totally forgot about ice from now on i will call this couple #PJ Couple oh just look so hot.
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  15. SuzieJ

    SuzieJ sarNie Oldmaid

    yasss pear get some of that JJ action!! so want these 2 to pair up
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  16. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    From now i will join the club and trying make ch3 pair them up, you should look at the video it was too hot, #PJ couple.
  17. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    Our lead:love::love::icon12: 3BB9432F-978F-43F6-A907-088605C752C1.jpeg
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  18. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    Too hot , waiting for HD ahahaha
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  19. S.J.M

    S.J.M Warrior

    Ice is okay but shock of pear with James made my imagination wilde.
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  20. Xiaoboicejj

    Xiaoboicejj Here for จิจิ

    Ahahhh too sexy to handle i agree lol , james ice is beautiful together while PJ is hot lol
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