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    It seems that Book 1 of the series covers the time period of King Rama V (if I remember it correctly) and the present time, when the present incarnation first meet (as kids) and when the story takes off with them as adults. The third period/incarnation is actually a much much much more earlier time period back when there was magic and tribal rituals and all that. That would be where the Totem, "Harihara" originates from.
    I am guessing that it's actually Plerng's first incarnation that was sealed into stone when he had to sacrifice himself to save everyone, including Sitang's first incarnation (i.e. his first "death")
    so chronologically, the time periods are:

    1. That early early early time with magic and all that
    2. Rama V era (1868-1910, i just don't know which particular period)
    3. Present time

    But insofar as the storytelling in the book goes, it initially goes back and forth from period no. 2 to period no. 3, and then it is only in the succeeding books that period no. 1 is delved into (possibly to explain Pakboon and Plerng's powers and actually what started the whole conflict to begin with.) I am waiting for the actual synopsis translation for books 2 and 3 just to be more accurate. I think the story kind of took it's own life form in my head hahahaha so I might not be able to tell it accurately ... but from what I remember....
    Plerng and Pakboon were raised as siblings in the first incarnation (in the first period). Plerng was actually an orphan but he had a good heart and GREAT AWESOME POWERS. So the leader of the village raised him as his son, although said Leader had a daughter, Pakboon. Pakboon was friendzoned early on by Plerng since he highly respected his adoptive father and wanted to focus on doing everything for the good of the clan, etc. At some point, the Leader decides to marry off Plerng to another village's daughter (I'm not sure if it's to form an alliance or what). Plerng and this girl - you guessed it, Sitang's first incarnation, fall in love. So Pakboon is still sulking for her lost love. To make matters worse, she gets "compromised" (i.e. gets pregnant) and this whole time, she thought it was actually Plerng who was sleeping with her in the dark, but actually, it was another guy - the ultimate villain. surprise, surprise. So anyway, Pakboon is so mad at Plerng for playing with her (when actually, he was innocent and he didn't have anything to do with her as he was happily with Sitang) so when opportunity presents itself, Pakboon plots to have Sitang's village destroyed. Plerng used up all his powers to save everyone, and he was going to give up is life, but instead, he was kind of sealed into a stone (Ok this part I don't really get. I need a book synopsis for this) so Sitang prays that she will wait for Plerng no matter how long, as long as they can be reunited again. So of course, the good guys get a second chance, so finally Sitang and Plerng are reborn into their 2nd lifetime - which is right about the reign of King Rama V (if I remember it correctly). This time, Uthaiyothin/Plerng is a poor guy, orphan again, but he has the power to remember the past lives of people who he touches. Since he's an orphan, he became a servant at a temple (like a trainee there) and he meets Sitang's 2nd incarnation, Duangkhae. This time, Duangkhae is born as a rich girl and Pakboon is her sister. Uthai is in love with Duangkhae, naturally, since he remembers her, but Duangkhae doesn't remember him. But eventually, they also fall in love. He and Duangkhae end up in an uncompromising position (they were out together without any hanky panky happening) but Duangkhae was dishonored. Thankfully, as it turns out, Uthai is a descendant of a rich guy and so his status is elevated in society and Duangkhae's parents allow them to marry. They get married, Duangkhae gets pregnant, but again our big bad evil friendzoned N'Rai spoils everything and asks a Russian to kill Uthai and the Russian guy falls into the trap/commits the mistake of killing him. So Uthai dies without seeing his wife give birth that night he died to their child. (I am guessing that Duangkhae ends up being married to Uthai's younger brother, per tradition, like you know, to protect her and stuff since she became widowed with a child, but I'm not sure about this part) and then there, we now go to the 3rd incarnation. So their paths cross again, first as children, and then when they are older. and of course Pakboon wreaks havoc again. The ending is like a showdown where finally Plerng is placed with the stone (which sealed the first incarnation, again I am guessing this is the Hariahara) and all hell breaks loose, and finally Plerng tells Pakboon to chill and stop being mad at him because actually it was big bad villain who wronged her all along, so all is forgiven, Pakboon lets go of her anger, and Sitang and Plerng get their happy ending, in their 3rd lifetime. The end.

    Interesting tidbit, I think it was in the 2nd incarnation that when....
    Duangkhae asks Uthai to touch her so he could tell her about their past life, naturally, Uthai remembers their *ehem* intimate moment, so he gets all flustered and doesn't know what to tell Duangkhae
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    Thank you so much @040156 :clap::thumbup:
    There's a lot of good details there and not as confusing as some other summaries. Let's just hope that the editing is tight and flows well in conveying the story. :worship2:
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    Thank you. Amazing story..I do hope Tv Scene will do justice to it. As far as James & Taew are concerned, they will nail it....but please, please, please let Pin decide or have a great team
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    Thanks so much Katelyn! Looking forward to Krong Karm first, while waiting for Leh Bunpakarn :)
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    Thank you for the detailed plotline!
    So many questions, I'm growing even more excited to see them start filming. What was so bad about Plerng's ability to recall his past lives that made his parents move him to the US? Was he getting into some kind of danger? Its so cool that p'ek keeps finding himself with all these powers and good fortune but I suppose that's the good karma in him playing out. How will he recover his ability to recall his past lives? He's a war journalist? Instense! And instead of being goofy when drunk, he's going to turn into a serious person.
    I want to learn more about Sitang! Maengmao was such a nosy smart mouth, I want to continue seeing Taew as a proactive, empowered n'ek. Hopefully not just passively watching things happen.
    Based on the scene in Buang Hong, I think if JJ doesn't have to speak english for dramatic shouting scenes, he'll sound more natural.
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    Well you have to remember that
    P'ek gets killed twice in his previous incarnations, and the reason for him getting killed (apart from it being caused by the N'Rai) has something to do with his powers.

    as for how he recovers his powers, of course that will be the meat of the story - most likely through some romantic developments between the P'Ek and the N'ek (like you know, how the heart can remember what the mind can forget).

    The thing about this novel is there is not much with the N'ek but more of the drama between the P'ek and his past lives and the n'rai and all. Hopefully that changes in the screenplay. In NDFD, although the romance was sort of a side story to the whole historical backdrop, I feel that Khanthong and Mangmao's love story developed quite well and although it wasn't as intense as in Game Sanaeha, each scene Mangmao and Khanthong had packed a punch. I personally prefer NDFD over Game Sanaeha in terms of story development and romantic scenes.

    The novel writer is a fan of James and the P'Ek of Nueng Dao Fah Diew was written with James in mind. I don't know if it's the same for this lakorn, but Khun Pin of TV Scene really loved James and Taew and rumor has it that Khun Pin really wanted to secure them for this project, so she waited until they both could not say no to her.
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    thanks for this..very interesting.
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    If I could only read and understand thai.I kept wondering who wrote NDFD. its brilliant,i liked it.
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    Yay! Double great news. Lub Luang Jai is closing so we'll see it soon and now Leh Bunpakarn is starting!!! Double the treat.

    This writer has very good ideas when combining with history of Thailand. I absolutely love it. Can't wait to get my hands on the book just to have lmao.
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    Yay awesome :aaaaa:, and I finally find this thread :).
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    can't believe this has been viewed nearly 97 Million times :love: no wonder they are bringing them back togetether.
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    The story line sounds complicated?
    This will be the third for JT... thought it was the same for James and Bella?
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    Yay finally Taew got a koojin with James Ji and Bella is with Pope :icon12::icon12::icon12:
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    Thanks for this.
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Fitting at 1 February???
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