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    Finally getting the chance to come into the thread. I can't believe they are being cast for this particular plot! I'm sort of excited bc I've been seeing this book on display at the bookstores. I can't read Thai lmao but I might just grab me a copy knowing it's JT being played in this. This plot is intriguing yet confusing at the same time. I love me some Thai history but TV Scene never delivers for me. They have great ideas but never get the execution right. Here's to hoping the romance part is just as good as the Historical parts. :D
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    Many seem skeptical with TV Scene. But i really like NDFD, directing is its weekness but it's not that bad. Leh Bunpakarn is adapted from novel with same author of NDFD so I hope they will improve at directing this time.
    With the description about p'ek, it's no surprising that James Jirayu will be casted. Both appearance and personality of PleungFah are just like him. I actually guess that author of this novel might have James in mind when she created this character. (Appearance: tall, handsome, looks younger than his age, shiny eyes...Personality: funny, smart, a bit narcissistic (seeing himself handsome shamelessly).

    The surprise is Taew is being cast. She already has an upcoming big project with Act Art and Leh Bunpakarn is also not simple at all. And she never has reunion with any actor this fast. Their filming experience for NDFD must be very pleasant.

    Anyway, i'm excited for fitting, there should be three set of costumes right?

    Dvaravati period: we can using Nakee/ Chaiyasingh as reference with considering that James and Taew might play King and Queen character???, if Taew's costume could be as pretty as Nakee then i will be very happy.
    Rama V era: similar with NDFD, luckyly that Khanthong wore eunuch costumes most of time so we don't need to worry about confusing him with Utaiyothin. I hope Duangkae has something different with Mangmao.
    Present day: PleungFah is a journalist and with his personality, i think we can have something different with James's other modern characters. Sitang is an university professor so i expect something classy and modern.
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    NDFD had it flaws, but overall I really enjoyed the Lakorn too .. I am super excited to see the costume fitting for this Lakorn. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the fitting .
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    I mean Yeah NDFD wasn't bad but the only thing was, I felt like TV Scene was trying a bit too hard to get the significance of the lakorn across that they actually lost the meaning of it while making it. It was such a wonderful topic to touch base on in regards of history and I too thought it was great to see the era a bit after BPS. There was many elements they wanted to make sure were in the Lakorn and it seemed to be too much on their plate than they could handle. Regardless, NDFD wasn't one of their worst works. I just mean by TV Scene in general with all of their works I've seen.

    The description of the guy sounds fitting for James too! Haha. I pictured him right on the spot when reading the plots. Taew has got 2 good lakorns on her. This is going to be a wonderful time. Hoping to see more of playful JT.
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    Haha I am late to the party, it seems. :facepalm: but here I am.

    When I was in Thailand in November, my friend @ingfakirata kindly told me the story. I'll ask her permission first if I can write the synopsis for you guys (and also to check if I got the story right. I might spin it off into a fanfic. :risas3:) But yeah, it's a bit complicated with 3 time periods and I really wonder now how they'll fit it into what, 13? 16? 21 episodes? It should have more than the standard 12 episodes in my opinion, as it covers 3 time periods.

    But for those who fear JiTaew getting over exposed, you guys have to consider that James will be appearing in Krong Karm and Payakorn Sorn Ruk (with Ice Preechaya) this 2019, and Taew has that lakorn with Ter and I don't know what else (sorry i don't follow Taew :() James used to reunite with Bella every 2 lakorns. So I guess the trend now is for James to reunite with Taew every 2 lakorns :clap:.
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    I already imagined every appearance written here . Aaaaaa I am looking forward to watching and even reading any update news abt this drama !!!
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    Welcome to the party!! :aaaaa: Yes please do share the synopsis here. Of course, JiTaew will not get over exposed. Btw, Taew also has a lakorn with Nadech in Mithi Thii Sarm by Act Art.
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    Thanks @Katelyn ! Well the most important part at this point is to say that guys, this novel has a happy ending. :thumbup: so no Nakee feels for this one.

    The only other thing that worries me is James's character (modern) is supposedly raised in the USA and is a Journalist so he'd have to talk in English at some point. :facepalm:. James CAN speak in English and his accent is ok, not awesome, but ok. He talked in English for a scene in Buang Hong. I am not sure if he'd be required to have English lines (with a twang) in this lakorn, but I am a bit excited for that prospect.
  10. Katelyn

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    I am glad there will be a happy ending. I think he should be ok with English. I am sure P'Pu, his manager, can help him practice his English.
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    Hello, my first post here!

    Can you point me to the scene in Buang Hong where James speaks English? I could not get past episode one and there are too many other lakorns I want to watch first :)

    Thanks so much!
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    With the synopsis, i think he should at least have to speak English and even Russian when PleungFah is drunk (which is even more challenging for James)
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    Welcome to the thread!
    Here's James speaking English @45:47.
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    :cheer: lets celebrate :aaaaa: this year is a good year.
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    its exciting..
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    Finally you are here, have been waiting for you to make an appearance on this thread :risas3: please do share your synopsis :worship2:

    I have heard him speak English, i find it sexy :p but then again I find everything about him sexy :risas3: so I am bias:p ... it will be challenging, but I think he will be fine .
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    I love NDFD ..I kept rewinding it more than GS actually..
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    Ok here's the edited version which is similar to the Thai Dramatic IG's synopsis but which I edited from @leeanong's translation.

    Synopsis of Leh Banpakarn [1st part: Phob Payakorn (“Predicted Existence”)]

    Khun Uthaiyothin was ordered to be shot dead by a woman who he remembers was his enemy in his previous incarnation. She ordered a Russian soldier who was misled to shoot Khun Uthaiyothin. Khun Uthaiyothin died at a very young age, just at a point when his wife, Duangkhae, was pregnant with their child. He died without being able to see his baby, without being able to say farewell to his wife, and died with love.

    The woman who ordered his death… is Boon Lhua, another character who can remember their previous life (in an earlier incarnation). She was also eventually ordered to be killed at around the same time Khun Uthaiyothin was killed. She died with thoughts of revenge from her previous incarnation continuing to thrive up until her next incarnation too.


    Plerngfah is the last heir of Luang Sikhanol. Luang Sikhanol on the other hand is the keeper of the totem, “Harihara”, which he inherited from his grandfather, Khun Thian.

    Plerngfah is the reincarnation of Khun Uthaiyothin. Plerngfah, like his previous incarnation, Khun Uthaiyothin, had the power of remembering his past life, as well as that of others’ from his previous incarnation.

    As a child, Plerng studied in the same school as “Tua Nhai”, a nagging girl who stuck with him like a babysitter. Plerng has the condition/power of remembering his past life very well. He knows that Tua Nhai is Duangkhae, his love, in the past life. Plerng’s love for Tua Nhai remains as strong as it was before. In the same way, Tua Nhai also loves him very much. His only hope is that in their present incarnation, their love will finally prosper. But as Plerng and Tua Nhai stayed together, Plerng’s power/condition became more apparent. Hence, Pratheep and Chalida, Plerng’s parents, were displeased and feared for Plerng’s safety. In the end, Plerng’s family decided to move to the USA in order to treat Plerng’s strange “condition”. With their separation, the budding relationship between Plerng and Tua Nhai was disrupted once more.

    20 Years later, Pratheep, Plerng’s father died in an accident. Thereafter, Chalida, Plerng’s mother developed a heart disease. When Plerngfah graduated, and after working for some time, he decided to bring back his mother to get treatment in Thailand. Plergfah was a war journalist who travelled to various places. He came back to Thailand to become a reporter for Channel 6.

    Plerng comes back to his hometown as a new man. Because of the medical treatment he received as a child in the USA, his condition of remembering his past life was suppressed. The side effect of said medical treatment made him forget about his childhood memories as well. He likewise forgot about Tua Nhai, his one and only close friend. Another side effect is that he sleeps without having any dreams. The only time he has a dream is when he is dead drunk. Once he is completely drunk, his hidden self will emerge little by little. His friendliness and joyfulness disappear and instead replaced by a serious and moody character who distrusts all people who surround him. He would senselessly talk about a frightful ceremony in English and sometimes in Russian. And once his drunken spell is over, that mysterious and scary guy would disappear and Plerng would have no memory of it the next morning.

    Little Tua Nhai grew up to be a pretty Assistant Professor named Sitang Julaphoke. She is the daughter of a famous scientist, Prof. Adul Julaphoke. When Sitang’s mother died, Prof. Adul Julaphoke married a girl named Pakboon. Pakboon is General Kid Itthiwongse’s adopted daughter, who he took in since she was young. Pakboon, or “B” as she is called, is a Seer. She can remember her previous incarnation and became popular because of it, as a child. After 20 years, news about her “skill” had been forgotten.

    General Kid Itthiwongse, Pakboon’s adoptive father, has a son named “Kras Itthiwongse”. Kid Ittihiwongse’s great grandfather is Phra Itthiwongsa who is the younger brother (from the same mother) as Khun Uthaiyothin (Plerng’s previous incarnation).

    Pakboon tells Kras that actually, he is the reincarnation of Phra Itthiwongsa. Pakboon reveals to Kras and to Tua Nhai/Sitang their previous incanation, together, through a vision.

    Tua Nhai/Sitang was Duangkhae, while Kras was Khun Uthaiyothin’s younger brother – but in that vision revealed by Pakboon to them, Duangkhae and Phra Itthiwongsa were husband and wife. Even though they saw that vision, Tua Nhai/Sitang still did not have any feelings for Kras at all. All she could remember were her childhood memories, as she cried in her kindergarten for her friend named “Plerng”. She clearly remembers those feelings though she cannot recall Plerng’s face.
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    OMG! OMG! OMG! What a plot. That is such an amazing story line. I really want to see this now. DEFINITELY going to purchase the book if it's the right one I am thinking of bc in the bookstore it's only 1 book. Unrequited love and JT already having strong feelings for each other! Yes!! I almost cried a few times reading their 1st life time and childhood. JT is going to to look so good for this. I'm already filling up my oxygen tanks.
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