[CH3] Leh Bunpakarn (TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


Love has nothing to do with bodies.
No, hasn't done filming yet. I think they are done around 60%. Expected to wrap up at the end of Oct or begining of Nov with current speed.
Oh, so it sound the one he is with Ice will air first then.


sarNie Juvenile
Shooting day 63

LB has started filming Dvaravati era since yesterday - Shooting day 63 (09/08/2019).
Producer might want to keep secret about styling so i don't expect much update from TV Scene and A. Pin

A pic from an extra actress to get a glimpse about Dvaravati styling



sarNie Juvenile
Shooting day 66

Can only hear pra'nang voice. I don't understand Thai but after following the shooting of LB for a while and rewatch GS and NDFD for many time, i can catch some keywords. I can guess this is Sasina's jealous scene and Rawi need to explain to her that his relation with Tinranee is just brother and sister.
TV Scene is still secret about this era so we don't get any update about last week shooting.
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