[CH3] Leh Bunpakarn(TV Scene) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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    Wow, these pictures and video :):love::icon12:
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    Lol at James reaching his hand through Taew's arms for a mint. I guess that is more polite than reaching directly in front of her. :p
    Director says he tried to get the two of them to play some comedy, some guk gik cuteness, a bit of CG will be used.
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    This news has lakorn synopsis and characters's description. Don't know if anyone can provide translation.

    So Sitang is professor of Faculty of Archeology :p. Of course, it's like that. Dramas that deal with past and present life must has character related to archeology. ( Nakee's Thosapol and PBS's Kadesurang are both archeology students). People who works at this field has best change to encounter supernatural events. :risas3:

    Mae In, sis-in-law of Mang Mao now reincarnate as Sitang's best friend :p
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    It was such a beautiful moment to see that. I smiled, and laughed hard when the guy made the mint dropped.
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    these two look good..cute..lucky guy..

  8. SuzieJ

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    He is good to her! Ton looks like a mixture of Mark Prin and Peach Pachara. I think it’s nice that Ton and James have become friends over the past couple of months :)
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    i wish i could understand what they're talking about. I could hear wedding bells..imagine how cute their kids would be.

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    he is more manly ,and he looks after taew so well..imagine 12 years is such a long time they've surpassed so much and I guess they know each other so well now.They look so in love still like those still in honeymoon.
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    I can see them getting married soon too! Hope taew still works in the industry after she gets married. Wouldn’t want her disappearing or anything but whatever makes her the most happy. That’s all I care about!
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  13. shiela marie

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    I think acting is her passion.She has kept marriage at bay for her career for 12 years :naughty2: .I think she has proven that she can still shine (despite having boyfriend) and have the best of both worlds .James admired her for that.
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    I’m fine with seeing personal things about taew in this lakorn thread but I’m not so sure about others. Personally I don’t really mind.
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    Yes, please only post contents that related to Leh Bunpakarn only. There are individual threads to post and discuss about actor's personal issues.

    Some people come here for lakorn only and has been avoided personal stuffs of actors (me also). Please be considerate of us.

    Anyway, Taew has new hair cut so looking forward a fresh look for Sitang. (Oh seem like it's just a wig)

    James also has a hair cut that i don't like, hope it's better when LBPK start shooting next month. This look is better.


    Cheeky Plerng Fah, I already like him now, hasn't been watched any p'ek this type yet. (smart, funny, friendly and a bit narcissistic).
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    i apologize I know some can get a bit sentisitve from now on i won't post anything about taew or James, or people related to them.
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    I don’t think kiki means any harm or for you to stop posting. Since there maybe fans who prefer just Lakorn related posts in this thread. Could I suggest if you are interested in posting about Taew, pls feel free to post it here, it’s her personal thread I created a while ago, feel free to post away. :thumbup: :icon12: I will come and join in too :icon12:
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  20. Kay123

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    His character looks quite cheeky in that pic :p

    I am glad Taew’s short hair was just a wig. I prefer her with long hair .
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