[CH3] Fah Fak Ruk (Broadcast Thai Television) : Toey Pongsakorn / Mint Chalida

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  1. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Poor girl, she wanted to make it work but the production really wasn't ready to start this project.
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  2. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    So weird Broadcast would delay this much... esp when they have different directors it’s not even pMai sucks for Mint she had to push off her internship
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  3. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    Aww darn! My girl is so hardworking. I get that Broadcast was not expecting BPS success but I feel like they’re biting more than what they can chew. They have so many lakorns thats confirmed & unconfirmed.
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  4. LyLy

    LyLy sarNie Egg

    I saw on Mint IG she was with Toey so I think they started filming.
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  5. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

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  6. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Adult

    Toey is definitely working his butt off this year with filming.

    As for Mint...I just want to say that I am stanning the right girl. You can tell she is def trying to put her all in school while trying to meet the demands of the channel by taking on minimum work but also by changing her school schedule around for work too.
  7. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    First day of filming and Mint does not look good... I was hoping her makeup and wardrobe will look better than all her other lakorns, but doesn't look like it. Her hair is all over the place in first scene. It's disappointing that Mint looks better at functions/events than onscreen... I feel like she used to look more attractive when she was younger like Waan Jai Gub w/ First - earlier years when she started her career. That was when I thought Mint was super cute in Waan Jai along with PLR even though it was horrible lakorn and she didn't look good at all - but because her and Mark were so cute it made up for it.
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  8. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    Did Broadcast post pics?
  9. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    It's on IG. Hashtag #mint_chalida
  10. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    She’s turned to look comfy most of the time instead of glammed up. Idk but it’s only the first scene. With this storyline, I see her dressed as how she was in STHJ.
  11. SiraRokz1994

    SiraRokz1994 sarNie Egg

    I think even though they could definitely do better with her wardrobe, Mint looks adorable and the style seems a bit more improved than a few of her past dramas. Hopefully it doesn't go downhill.
  12. Chario mintmario

    Chario mintmario sarNie Adult

    Aww...so happy they finally start shooting this lakorn. Mint was absent from the screen for too long.
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  13. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Adult

    Seems like they did more filming! It looks like they already get along with how they goof around with each other which is awesome!!!

    Okay...Mint's friends ain't really her friends if they letting her brows stay like it is now. Saw her and Toey's selfie, and I think her brows are almost as bushy/outgrown as his I just want her to look on point onscreen bc I been missing her. Makes me nervous...bc they're so obvious in her recent wedding dress photoshoots..... someone tell her pleaseeeee
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  14. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Lol, her brow needs to be a bit more define. I remembered seeing a pic of her and the first thing that pops out are them brows. They literally overshadowed her entire face. And a bigger problem is, when they draw her brows which is already bushy and applying thick makeup she looks like someone in a play. Nothing cute about it. But when they are trimmed and groom just right she is so pretty.
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  15. Yaam

    Yaam sarNie Adult

    Her eyes brows are getting out of hand. It bugs me so much! They need to be trimmed and waxed!!!! Goodness. She had a photo shoot with Susie and you could tell Susie had such clean brows while Mint had bushy and hair growing in different places! Smh. Her brows are dark naturally too, so it doesn't help.
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  16. xcinsationalx

    xcinsationalx sarNie Adult

    I remember reading people talk about her brows but I never really took notice until the photoshoot with Susie. Once I saw that I was like damn they need to be tamed lol
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  17. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Adult

    In celebration of this future lakorn.

    Resharing this video made by the lovely Kalie aka Smilez that we all love and miss in the lakorn fan world. She was the first to create fanvid work for this pairing, now 2 years later, we're getting it.

    **gosh darn it, I want Mint sooooo much for a boran style lakorn soooo much. Ch 3 give her a damn good one soon. Still sad they passed her on the one with Mario :/

    Credit: Smilez
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  18. Xiongurl26

    Xiongurl26 sarNie Adult

    I need to pay more attention. I can’t really see the brow problem but then again, I take years to get onto IG & see celebrity photos.

    Toey & Mint are silly. Too bad the plot seems to be a little bit more of drama than comedy.
  19. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    This girl has let herself go lol she doesn’t dress up as much anymore nor care to groom her brows

    I still remember how she was sos beautiful, now I’m like ummmm lol jkjk she just needs to doll up and get dressier! Man! She was at her best during those Mark days I swear lol
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  20. KitKat516

    KitKat516 sarNie OldFart

    I'm praying it's for her role in Mai's lakorn. If not then we need her fans to let her know that she needs to get it cleaned up.

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