[Ch3] Duay Raeng Atitharn (Guts Entertainment) : Tik J/Mew Nittha


sarNie OldFart
I think NangBarbv is taking this slot. The mv is out and new teaser. It stated airing weds-thurs. Pranang are Top Jaron with Yiwha and Navin tar and donut Manatsan playing the ghost of Nang Yod
Omg i hope not! I want TikMew right now. Sorry to any Top J fans but i couldnt care less about him.


sarNie Egg
I think its confirm. Ch3 tend to switch last minute but we don't see any promo on the lakorn. I'm thinking next slot or weekend since we're are on the last part of my hero series n it's usually 7 to 8 episodes that can be a POSSIBILITY


Wow. . . my anticipation is gonna be gone by the time it airs. Haha. What's coming after GS then???


sarNie Egg
Wait they change to Captain. I see fitting pic it was willy McIntosh. They change from willy to captain ??? Wtheck lol.


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Lol had to ask myself if I was on the right thread cuz y’all were talking about a different lakorn 55 :facepalm::p I’m tired of waiting for DRAT o_O:nut::rolleyes: