[Ch3] Dang Duang Hareuthai (Who & Who) : Tik J/Kim Kimberley


sarNie Adult
I come here, after watching the teasers in the opening big drama, wow, it looks really really good it is much better than the old versions, especially the view and the songs, can't wait to see Kim in princess


Honestly I was kind off excited for this lakorn but after seeing the trailer...i don't know. :confused0::confused0::confused0:

Anyways, after all it is Kimmy so I might give it a try...I have not enjoying a lakorn lately...too many remake! Why can't they used their novel and make lakorn out of them...stop with the remake. Thai Lakorn starting to remind me of every 7 to 10 years Chinese remake the Condor Hero Series :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:


sarNie Tombstone
this has a big risk to fail but i hope it won't be a dramatic fail the only thing that can save this lakorn is the writing me as someone who didn't watch any older version fully i just saw cuts i don't have any expectation but from the teaser kim in this teaser as a prince from the start of filming until now she's the reason i'm watching it i love seeing her charm acting in the screen it's special to me cause she know how to drag me with her in her story so yeah all the respect but i believe it's a hard hard genre and style to apply to people this is a specific genre for specific people but again for me the song and kim touched me in this teaser and the other actor too honestly are doing a good job but we always know teaser are not like the actual lakorn pace so it will depend on the actual pace of the airing so we will see

wanted to share the full full version that was present on the 13th


sarNie Coma
I haven't seen any of the older version's either, So I hope this will be good.

Thanks for sharing the video hun :).


sarNie Hatchling
i have seen the older version and i like weir and kwan version very much. about kimmy i do not find her beautiful at all because she very big cheek bone and it's make her face look big.


sarNie Adult
from k_galleries

dialog in story
"นิรันดรนั้นนานนัก แต่รักนี้ นานกว่านั้น"
translated by google translate
"Eternity is a long time, but this love lasts longer than that"


dialog in story
“ หม่อมฉันก็จะไม่ทูลว่าจะจำ เพราะสิ่งใดที่จำ แปลว่ามีเวลาลืม หากจะทูลว่าหม่อมฉันรู้ เพราะความ ‘รู้’ ไม่มีวันลืม หม่อมฉันรู้...”
translated by google translate
"I would not have asked to remember Because what you remember Means that there is time to forget If I would say that I know because 'knowledge' will never be forgotten, I know ... "