[Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)


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loveyaya7 said:
@ Maiko:Arthur is K' Ekk. Its ok. I know who you are talking about. He is with AUM (Tawan's friend. They have been together at the temple orphanage together since young). Yes, Matt and Margie were reporters first before Yaya joins them.  Isn't Matt busy with Boy (the policeman)? She is suppose to go with him  to do undercover. So, when Chakrit came to visit Margie, Matt is not there. I would think that the 3 girls relationship will go along as there are 2 more series to go.
So far, I have no complaint. I still find it watchable. :bhehe: Don't give up yet. Last two episodes, tonight and tomorrow.
I think Yaya works find with anyone. Her early drama with Lome, she wasn't girlish or kiddish. I think it all depend on what script she has been given. Of course, I hope she will be given a different characters to play in future but still it depend on the producers or director?
Ah, so he's Tawan's friend, not brother. Thanks for the clarification. Hmm, honestly, I feel like Matt disappears for no apparent reason. :whahuh: Can't remember where she went off to this time.
Oh, yes, I remember Yaya's character in Kularb Rai Narm with Rome/Lome. She was more serious and sensible (like her Tawan Deard character). I didn't watch it in details, but she was just...decent in it from the small parts I did see. :) She didn't leave an awe-inspiring impression on me, to be honest. But I'm sure there were some moments in which she shined in there.
At least you really like Maya Tawan. :thumbup: *Sigh* Can't believe it's ending already... It sure would be sweet if Yaya and Aum can pair up again in a different lakorn. But I'm grateful to see them in here anyway. :D


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Epi 9 when Mud (yaya) came back from Phuket she met up with the two girls. They have some interaction. I almost finish watching episode 9.
For this drama, I like the pairing too.
I would think it has much to do with the script and maybe the director/producer should have more say on how to act?
She is having another drama with Por next, called Dao Reung. (spelling might not be correct).


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was anticipating for the subs to finish to watch it as a whole lakorn, but seems like kristy decided to stop subbing it, so sad  :cry: , guess it was too much work, still really appreciated it, at least i could understand 3 and half episodes, the rest had to resort in using my limited thai and guessing to good use hheheh
khun egg/eek is such a cute character, always helping Mat out, you are the cutest khun eek!!


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I just finish watching this series.  It good because it show all 3 couples.. It does get confusing because it seems like it's jumping parts, but i guess you have to watch all three parts to get it.  LOL..

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This lakorn was okay, it wasn't anything special. First things first, it's SOOOO incredibly weird seeing Num as rai. I just don't feel rai vibes from him. Not only that his character gets raped by a dude like really, this is Num Sornram, Chai Klang, Khun Pak.... :no: :nono1:
Maybe I'm just going through Koo Gum withdrawal but I just couldn't get into this lakorn. It was slow, not getting to the point. Aum and Yaya were okay, there was a mini spark but nothing major for anyone to be jumping up and down the couch for. I kinda wanted her to get with Aek, the way he teased her was cute and that hug after Tawan made her cry. Man, Aum is skinny here, now that my mom brought that up I couldn't get over how hollow his cheeks are now. He seriously aged 10 years since Roy Mai. At times Mattana also kind of annoyed me, especially when she would ask for an interview an non appropriate moments. You know he's going to yell at you like the other 50 times you pulled that trick, learn to be subtle girl, give your ears a break. Oh yeah, the wardrobe here sucks. Did they rob a hippie van or what? Yaya looks like she's going to those hippie festivals.


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The lakorn is really okay, i really liked it (even if the first 2/3 episodes were kinda but after it's changed and i was more hooked at the lakorn). And the last 3 episodes were awesome.
The ending was really okay.
Even if at one moment i thought the ending will be
Mattana who would be at the fashion show and finish the walk
but the end like this was really really okay.
The OST was really awesome.

The casting too, i really liked the character of the guy who played the sidekick/brother/bestfriend of Tawan, Ak. He was awesome.
And the fact of the two other cast like see Boy or even see Chakrit in one same lakorn with Aum it's kinda awesome, specially when you are fan of both actors.

I really think that Yaya (and i look forward to see other lakorns with her where i have liked Duang Jai Akkanee and didn't really in the hype for Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk) is one good actress and she had one good pairing with Aum. He is really one of my favorite actor (i think i don't have lakorn where he deceived me in the quality of acting, his lakorns are generally really great)