Aom and Art Yelling at 5 year old kid


sarNie Hatchling
The line "kids will be kids" is true, but it doesn't change the fact that the parent or guardian must take responsibility for their kid's actions. Being biased or totally defensive & not owing up to your kid's bad actions is bad parenting, in my opinion. Even if she thought her kid wasn't wrong, her child agitated someone else, so she needs to know how to act like a responsible adult & treat the situation respectfully, not argue & show ni-sai-dtam like a prai. And you wonder why she gets called one lol...


sarNie Adult
Omg, the mother...WHAT A STRAWBERRY! She had been sending the clips and a letter to a bunch of news outlet and reporters.

And ugh, normally I hate reading Manager because they're so crude. Even the people who comment on there can get really vile sometimes. But this time around, they make a lot of sense.


Expired Sarnie
This isn't over yet :no: Oh the mother is such an angel. So the YT video is probably her account that she made the same exact day as when the video appeared :unsure:


sarNie Hatchling
So it is the mother who uploaded it to YouTube? lol She's seriously crazy & has anger issues. Not surprising that she'd say all kinds of crap in the description video to make Art & Aom look bad. I think she's on a mission to ruin their name/reputation lol. Too bad, I still like crazy mother! This just really makes herself look bad. :thumbdown:


sarNie Granny
wat i don't get why the mother should be mad at aom n her husband cuz its her boy's fault for kicking art first. kinda gay to broadcast all these news when its her own fault.