Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor


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I saw on lyn blog's and dirtii laundry that Aff broke up with her boyfriend of 10+ years...
Songkran ( uggh hatem him) came out to say that he not a third hand and that he proving himself to Aff
and Aff and Oor hasn't been talking for awhile now. Yes Songkran the guy who suddenly famous and in the media world
i mean i don't much about him but isn't he like a manager or owner for a Hotel or somethin?
What the hell??? Anywayy he said the only girl he said he is seeing his Aff.
Kinda werid idk but somethin about makes me think that he a player, trying to be famous by linking to actress and stuff, desperate.
I mean he sounds like he broke up Oor and Aff since he came out to confirm and say that Oor and Aff hasn't been talking for awhile with no hesitation what happen to the comment "you have to ask Aff herself" and stuff like seriously Pinky said he doesnt know how to communicate with reporters that well but still u gotta know that if it isn't you business don't say it because there other person might not think or what u think happen wasn't true and there going to be a big embrassement. Aff you can do better... like Aum maybe but then again Aum i don't think he ever been in a long term relationship and maybe with Aff might be the samething might not because i don't it would be awkard to work in a lakorn with ur ex... for me atleast i don't about other people but then Aff she a very smart girl i hope she doesnt date songkran he ugly btw. Aff seems like the type of girl who has to take time before being back in the game.
Also alot of comment said Pinky was very opening about her and Songkran and that she said Songkran her bf and Songkran said they were close friend and how she should or its embrassing for her. I think yeah kinda embrassing but who cares if your going to let embrassment crush your life mind as well hide under a rock...u know? I think the reason why Pinky seems so open was to prove that her break-up with Aum didn't really made an impact on her life and that she really over him...


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wow... they broke up... i so have to go read it ... >_<..

will there be a chance of my ATEAM.. i wish..


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wow... they broke up... i so have to go read it ... >_<..

will there be a chance of my ATEAM.. i wish..
Ahaha same here.
Well, we don't exactly know if they did...but that'll be sad that if they did both break up because i mean look! 10+ Years of DATING! lol xP
Songkran is known to be a Player anyways...


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<... heads to the mirror to lick his hands and slide it through the hair... >

Okay... so how do I get my chances at woo'ing her? Someone tell her I'm available too. :^P


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it's suck when a couple dated for so many years and it end up going on each separate way, yep, sad :(

If this rumor is true then I just hope Aff will find her soul mate soon...:)


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If the rumors are true, I think it's so wrong of Songkran to come out and and confirm the rumors about Aff and her bf. He needs to resprect Aff and her ex-bf and let them be the ones to confirm the rumors themself. At the same time I feel sorry for Pinky too. She must feel like shit right about now. She was so open about her relationship with Songkran and the whole time Songkran denied it. And now he comes out and annouces that he is trying to get with Aff. Poor Pinky, but this should be a lesson learned for Pinky. She should let the guy speak first.


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Yeah Aff hasn't come out and said anything yet
And Songkran i just hate that dude
Aff smart she won't pick him ( i hope)
It just a rumor or its true by Songkran
who barley know Aff that long and that well
actin' like they been best buddies for there whole life
to give up info like dat...


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i hope ATEAM will become real...

i dont like songkran to begin with... >_< you can so tell hes so into aff >_< ahhh....

i rather have aff with AUM.. or SARN.. hehe lol xp...


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I think Songkran is actually isn't disrespectful with his answers. He was opened about it. There are a lot that we don't know behind closed doors. Perhaps, Aff has been talking to Songkran in a "close" way for him to at least know that Aff and her boyfriend hasn't been talking to each other.

He seemed nice enough to not make Pinky look like a fool. Pinky has been out and open about them and he wasn't a jerk about it. I think it was because he already had eyes for Aff and did not want Aff to see him in a bad light.

He is trying to do right by Aff and prove to her that he is worth her time. Though, if the rumor is true that Aff did broke it off with her boyfriend...I don't think she'll come out and admit to anything with Songkran that fast..

I wish Aff all the best. Being in a relationship is hard enough...but being a star and in a relationship is much more difficult.


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Big roller coaster ride here for aff..all the best to her...i wont believe until i hear from aff herself...could just be media news


no offense but i think hes more mature with his answers and replies than pinky. i wonder how she feel towards aff