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  1. cecilia

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    Most of the english subtitle lakorn can be found in the following sites:

    Amycafe: http://www.youtube.com/user/amycafe
    Andrewgreyson: http://www.youtube.c...AndrewGregsonFC
    Animegal09: http://www.youtube.com/user/animegal09
    Anodchobling: http://www.youtube.c...er/anodchobling
    Anonyblue2001: http://www.youtube.com/user/anonyblue1
    Atama1981: http://www.youtube.com/user/atama1981
    Chtite0Aya: http://www.youtube.com/user/Chtite0Aya
    CSUB2086: http://www.youtube.com/user/CSUB2086
    Dreamer8001: http://www.youtube.c...ser/Dreamer8001
    Funsub4fun: http://www.youtube.com/user/fansub4fun
    Gumbiefansubs: http://www.youtube.c...r/GumBieFansubs
    K00lios: http://www.youtube.com/user/k00lios
    LaosAuGurl: http://www.youtube.com/user/Laosaugurl
    Lakorns: http://www.youtube.com/user/lakorns
    Missbrenda: http://www.youtube.c...er/missbrenda91
    Mobbstylz: http://www.youtube.com/user/mobbstylz
    Nalika: http://www.youtube.com/user/nalika1
    Newcurvy: http://www.youtube.c...RJyastmV9sV2xOQ
    Paweensuda: http://www.youtube.com/user/paweensuda
    Phetk: http://www.youtube.com/user/phetk
    Pichjaranai: http://www.youtube.c...ser/pichjaranai
    Polkadotsubbers: http://www.youtube.c...olkaDotSubbers2
    Qkay: http://www.youtube.com/user/qkay
    Queridonu: http://www.youtube.com/user/queridonu
    Smileeverywhere: http://www.youtube.c...Everywhere4ever
    Starsubbingteam: http://www.youtube.c...tarsSubbingTeam
    Suvanantfever: http://www.youtube.c...r/HajinmonNinja
    Sweetkob: http://www.youtube.com/user/SweetKob
    Swtannenat: http://www.youtube.com/user/swtannenat
    TheSis: http://www.youtube.c...er/thesisfansub
    Varut Kosolbhand: http://www.youtube.c...QWnmqKVtlX1tYpA
    Viki.com http://www.viki.com/...ntry?q=thailand
    Wishbonika: http://www.youtube.com/user/wishbonika
    Wishboniko: http://www.youtube.com/user/wishboniko
    XarofHeart: http://www.youtube.c...er/xarofHearts2

    *If I have time - i'll compile lakorn by lakorn but as of now - this will do for everyone.
  2. aikoden

    aikoden ♥DREAMER♥ Staff Member

    Thanks for the list na P'Ceci.. :yes:

    Here's TheCurvey's new account: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk-Xb-OGRJyastmV9sV2xOQ

    *sniffsniff* I would add ThaiLakornSub, one of my group.. but we've lost our channel.. and I can't contact the admin.. so we basically have no back up or future plans for now.. :( It's a pity.. because we were quite far in out work..
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    Thank you so much, Ceci! Very appreciate! :D
  4. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Holly cattle! Thank you so much!!
  5. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    12 Rasee (Andrew- ) YouTube
    3 Num Neua Thong (Mark-Kim, Boy-Marie, Ken-Toey) YouTube
    365 Wan haeng Rak (Ken-Anne) YouTube
    4 Hua Jai haeng Khun Khao Story #1 Thara Himalai (Aum-Kim) YouTube
    4 Hua Jai haeng Khun Khao Story #2 Duang Jai Akkanee (Barry-Yaya) YouTube
    4 Hua Jai haeng Khun Khao Story #3 Pathapee Leh Rak (Mark-Mint) YouTube
    4 Hua Jai haeng Khun Khao Story #4 Wayupak Montra (Boy-Margie) YouTube

    Arthit Ching Duang (Nat-Aom) YouTube

    Badarn Jai (Aum-Margie) YouTube
    Borisat Bambat Kaen (Aum-Anne) YouTube
    Botan Gleep Sood Tai (Aum-Aff) YouTube
    Buang (Rome-Rita) YouTube
    Buang Rak Kammathep (Pong-Bee) YouTube continue
    Bow See Chompoo (Chakrit-Angie) YouTube

    Chaleuy Sak (Rome-Anne) YouTube

    Dam Kham (Pong-Tangmo, Oh-Pang) ViKi
    Dang Duang Haruthai (Num-Nat) YouTube - soon
    Dang Duang Haruthai (Weir-Kwan) ViKi
    Dao Lhong Fah (Aum-Cherry) ViKi
    Dok Rak Rim Tang (Bie-Vill) YouTube
    Duang Tah Nai Duang Jai (First-Yardthip) ViKi



    Fai Chon Saeng (Great-Chompoo) YouTube
    Fai Luang (Willy-Tao) ViKi

    Gae Roy Rak (Rome-Rita) YouTube
    Game Loon Rak (Andrew-Noon) YouTube
    Game Rai Game Rak (Barry-Yaya) YouTube ViKi

    Hua Jai Chocolate (Mos-Aom) YouTube
    Hua Jai Sila (Bie-Fang) YouTube
    Hua Jai Song Park (Por-Taew) YouTube



    Jai Raao (Ken-Aff) YouTube
    Jam Leuy Rak (Aum-Aff) YouTube
    Jao Sao Prissana (Nok-Anne) YouTube
    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Stephan-Poo) ViKi
    Jon Plon Jai (Num-Donut) YouTube

    Kaew Lom Petch (Son-Vill) YouTube
    Kaew Tah Pee (Tik-Cherry) YouTube
    Karm Waela Tarm Ha Rak (Bie-Nok) YouTube
    Kehard See Daeng (Andrew-Mint) YouTube ViKi
    Keuy Bahn Nok (Tui-Ja) YouTube
    Khing Kaew Kah Fark (Por-Pat) ViKi
    Khun Nu Chantana (Tye-Donut) ViKi
    Klin Kaew Klang Jai (Rome-Rita) YouTube
    Kom Rak Kom Sanaeha (Wan-Rotmay) YouTube
    Kon Rak Luang Jai (Ken-Janie) YouYube
    Kularb Rai Glay Rak (Great-Matt) YouTube ViKi
    Kularb Rai Narm (Rome-Yaya) YouTube
    Kwan Kammathep (Tye-Matt) YouTube

    Leh Ratree (Pepper-Ann) YouTube
    Likit Kammathep (Mart-Anne) YouTube
    Luk Sao Gamnan (Tui-Namfon) YouTube

    Mae Ka Khanom Waan (Mart-Cherry) YouTube
    Mafia Teerak (Chakrit-Pat, Por-Pitta) YouTube continue
    Malai 3 Chai (Captain-Aom, Kong, Son) ViKi
    Manee Yard Fah (Willy-Anne) YouTube
    Massaya (Andrew-Bua) YouTube
    Mia Jum Pen (Bee-Namfon) ViKi
    Mia Taeng (Rome-Chompoo) YouTube
    Mongkut Saeng Jan (Andrew-Rita) YouTube
    Mook Liam Petch (Rome-Susie) YouTube

    Nampeung Khom (Nok-Janie) YouTube
    Namtan Mai (Aum-Aff) YouTube
    Neua Mek 2 (Mark-Mint) YouTube YouTube Mark-Mint cut
    Neung Nai Suang (Ken-Janie) ViKi
    Ngao Asoke (Pong-Peung) ViKi [broken]
    Ngao Hua Jai (New-Noon) ViKi
    Ngao Rak Luang Jai (Mark-Mint) YouTube
    Num Bahn Rai gab Waan Jai Hi-So (Peter-Chompoo) YouTube

    Oum Rak (Ken-Anne) YouTube

    Panyachon Kon Krua (Mark-Kim) YouTube
    Peang Jai Tee Pookpan (Aum-Taew) ViKi
    Plerng See Roong (Mart-Susie) YouTube
    Plerng Toranong (O-Taew) ViKi YouTube O-Taew cut
    Poo Yai Lee gab Nang Ma (Por-Ploy) YouTube
    Prajan See Roong (Bie-Aff) YouTube
    Prissana (Tik-Taya) YouTube

    Qi Pao (Mart-Anne) YouTube

    R (this is hard, lol)
    Raeng Ngao (Ken-Anne) YouTube
    Raeng Ngao (Ken-Janie) YouTube (only R-scene and forward)
    Raeng Pradtana (Nadech-Kim, Alex-Mint) YouTube
    Rahat Rissaya (Paul-Noon) ViKi
    Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod (Andrew-Aom) YouTube
    Rak Lamoon Loon Lamai (Kong-Anne) YouTube
    Rak Leh Sanae Luang (Por-Ploy, Vicki) YouTube
    Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai (Dome-Ploy) ViKi
    Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (Ken-Janie) YouTube
    Rak Ork Akard (Om-Cherry) YouTube
    Rak Patiharn (Mart-Kim, Alex-Mint) ViKi [broken] YouTube Alex-Mint cut
    Rak Prakasit (Poh-Aff) ViKi
    Rark Boon (Mike-Margie) YouTube
    Reun Mai See Beige (Andrew-Cherry) YouTube
    Roy Adit haeng Rak (Bie-Mew) YouTube just deleted T_T
    Roy Leh Sanae Rai (Tik-Aom) YouTube
    Roy Mai (Aum-Aff) YouTube ViKi
    Roy Marn (Boy-Margie) ViKi YouTube Boy-Margie cut

    Sadut Rak (Andrew-Bua) YouTube
    Sanaeha Ngern Tra (Por-Pat) ViKi
    Sapai Glay Peun Tiang (Chakrit-Anne) YouTube
    Sarp Phusa (Aun-Ae) YouTube
    Sawan Biang (Ken-Anne) YouTube
    Sawan Saang (Cee-Min) ViKi
    Seub Lab Rahat Rak (Ken-Vicki) YouTube
    Seu Rak Chak Yai Olawon (Aon-Noon) YouTube
    Soda gab Chayen (Tik-Pin) ViKi
    Sompong Nong Somchai (Paul-Janie, Yai-Jamie) YouTube
    Song Pradtana (Pong-Paula) YouTube
    Sood Sanaeha (Ken-Anne) YouTube
    Sroy Saeng Jan (Rome-Rita) YouTube
    Suay Rerd Cherd Sod (Film-Janie) YouTube
    Suparb Buruth Satan (Aof-Pinky) YouTube

    Taddao Bussaya (Por-Punch, Wan-Rotmay) YouTube
    Tae Jai Rak Nak Wang Pan YouTube
    Tae Pang Korn (Num-Anne) YouTube
    Tang Parn Kammathep (Andrew-Janie) YouTube
    Tard Rak (Por-Janie, Mart-Cherry) YouTube
    Tawan Deard (Mark-Yaya, Pope-Mint) YouTube YouTube Pope-Mint cut
    Tawee Pope (Om-Pancake) ViKi
    Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Andrew-Pok) YouTube
    Toranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (Barry-Yaya) YouTube




    Wanida (Tik-Aff) YouTube ViKi
    Waan Jai gab Nai Jomying (Mart-Matt, Louis-Margie, First-Mint) YouTube
    Wimarn Sai (Chakrit-Bee) YouTube
    Wiwa Wah Woon (Ken-Chompoo) YouTube ViKi continue



    Yuthakarn Hak Khan Thong (Mart-Rita, Rome-Noon) YouTube


    I tried to gather the links for complete subbed lakorns. I will only compile Channel 3 and Exact's lakorns only. I will not listing Channel 7 (especially the new lakorns) because of the copyright things.
    I hope this post will help some of you since I was stupidly hardworking today haha.
    I will update (if there is newly complete lakorns) and edit (there is some links that aren't provided) whenever I have time, since this took me like more than half a day already lol.

    p/s: If you're the subber or one of the team member, or even playlist owner, re-uploader, and you feel something like uneasy or just don't like your link(s) is posted here, let me know, I will delete it. :)

    Links updated 02/01/13 17:30  ^_^
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    thanks ceci :cheer:
  7. cecilia

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    Thank you, Asy :wub:
  8. aikoden

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    Thanks for gathering the links Asy :)

    eeeeekkk.. I'm not prepared to gather the links in the BM section yet, LOL.
  9. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    No problem. I hope this can help for some new lakorn's fans. You can always edit my post na, Ceci. :) I updated the links, but maybe there some lakorns that I missed.

    Su su! I'm not sure if I can help you, but if you need my help, just let me know. I have some free time this week.
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    Awwwe, thanks Asy, but it's ok. I'm on break now so.. I can take my time :p
    Deleting the threads are the easiest to do lol.... since most links are dead already :p ehehe.
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  11. Asy

    Asy sarNie Immature

    This user started subbing Raeng Ngao. http://www.youtube.com/user/xoxokunta/videos?flow=grid&view=0
  12. SonYukView4ever


    Asy you are soooooooooooooooo sweet! You compiled all links in alphabetical order! You are so awesome!!! You deserve some BIG thanks!!!
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    Thank you very much!!!!
  15. kimsaj

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    does anyone know where can I find  'The Sixth Sense' with eng subtitle? I'm dying to watch this lakorn but can't understand thai T____T
  16. Rammi

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    Almost finished with Leh Roy Ruk if anyone wants to watch that too.
  17. Asy

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    Thanks Rammi. I'll absolutely update with your link after you finish with it. ^_^
  18. amy80

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  19. rishael

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    Does anyone know where I can find leh ratree 2015?
    Viki doesn't work in my country.
  20. tgamber

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    You can download large files from alwaysmeena.

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