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    Ban Sai Tong (PPBT December 2015)

    cr ppbt
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    [Ch7] Khun Dech (Compordee)

    Credit to Thip @ SPICY Forum Link http://www.spicyforu...dech-compordee/ Title: ขุนเดช This is a remake of Aof Pongpat & Nampeung.... The opening ceremony.....Don't know who going to be the p'ke & n'ke yet....its either Weir & Jakjaan couple or Vee & Green couple......Green is so pretty...
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    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    I was reading a news article and it said they will be remaking this lakorn and will be CH7..As for the pra aek and nang aek it will be Weir and Kwan..What do you think? I don't like it at all