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    [GMM25] Cooking Crush (GMMTV): Off Jumpol / Gun Atthaphan

    OffGun reunion, this time directed by Golf Sakon ("Cupid's Last Wish", "Fish upon the Sky")
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    ❤️[GMM25/Disney+ Hotstar] Midnight Series (GMMTV): Off Jumpol / Jan Ployshompoo / Earth Pirapat / Mix Sahaphap / Nanon Korapat / Film Rachanun

    One of the series announced during the GMMTV 2022 launch. Another anthology and looks adult-themed. Janhae finally has a lead role and they're spoiling us with Earth-Mix this year. Midnight Motel - Off-Janhae Moonlight Chicken - Earth-Mix Dirty Laundry - Nanon-Film...
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    ❤️[GMM25] 10 Years Ticket (GMMTV): Ohm Pawat / Tu Tontawan / Off Jumpol

    Based on one_zone__'s IG story a few weeks back, looks like there'll be another project for Tu Tontawan (lead actress in the upcoming "F4 Thailand") and she'll be playing opposite Ohm Pawat (who's currently in "Bad Buddy" with Nanon Korapat). I also saw this thread over at Pantip...
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    ❤️[GMM25] Astrophile (GMMTV): Mai Davika / Bright Vachirawit / Off Jumpol

    Rumour has it that Mai will be doing a drama with GMM25 (which is highly likely produced by GMMTV). I hope this is more of a romcom (even though she's done lots of it) than a lakorn-style drama.
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    ❤[GMM25/AIS Play] Not Me (GMMTV): Off Jumpol / Gun Atthaphan

    OffGun reunited in a BL, an action-themed one.
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    ❤️[GMM25/AIS Play] 46 Days (GMMTV / Keng Kwang Gang): Baifern Pimchanok / Nonkul Chanon / Mild Wiraporn / Off Jumpol

    Mr. Koo has a history of posting novel covers in his IG that eventually becomes his next directorial project. (See "Fai Gam Prae" and "Tonhon Chonlatee".) Title of the novel in his latest IG post is "46 วัน" ("46 Wan"), which looks like a light fare. Synopsis can be found here...
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    ❤️[GMM25/AIS Play] I'm Tee, Me Too (GMMTV): Gun Atthaphan / Off Jumpol / Krist Perawat / Singto Prachaya / Tay Tawan / New Thitipoom

    GMMTV is a gift that keeps on giving. I've been imagining for a series like this for the original 3 BL ships of GMMTV. This airs September 18th, 2130H.
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    [GMM25] School Rangers (GMMTV): Leo S / Sing H / Tay T / Arm W / Off J / Gun A / White N / New T / Mond T / Nanon K / Chimon W / Nicky N

    This game/variety show is now on its 3rd year, and airs every Sunday morning over at GMM25. Each week, the hosts visit a school in Thailand wherein they, alongside celebrity guests, compete in a series of challenges. Anyone else checking this out? I just wish GMMTV will add subs to the past...
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    [GMM25] Friend Kap (GMMTV): Off Jumpol / Tay Tawan / Arm Weerayut

    This road trip show premieres on May 23rd 9:30 AM over at GMM25. The 3 hosts are all 91 liners (born in 1991), are current hosts of GMMTV's weekly game show "School Rangers", and have their respective online shows over at GMMTV's YouTube channel. I think this show has something to do as to...
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    ❤[GMM25] Fai Sin Chua (Goodboy Entertainment): Yardthip Rachapal/Ying Rhatha/Fluke Krekpon/Bie KPN/Joss Wayar/Off Jumpol/Fah Yongwaree/Fon Sananthacha

    This looks like a remake of an old Thai drama with the same title.
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    ❤[GMM25] Girl Next Room (GMMTV): Mook Worranit/ Jamie Juthapich/ Mild Wiraporn/ Gigi Sarocha/ Toyy Pathompong/ Singto Prachaya/ Off Jumpol/ Kao Jirayu

    I think this will be a la U-Prince. There are 4 stories in here, each with different pairings: Motorbike Baby (03/01/2020 to 04/05/2020): Mook Worranit and Toyy Pathompong, with Fluke Gawin, Guy Sivakorn and Guide Sutina Midnight Fantasy (04/19/2020 to 05/10/2020): Jamie Juthapich and Singto...
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    ❤️[GMM25] Girl2K (GMMTV): Aom Sushar / Off Jumpol / Toyy Pathompong / Utt Uttsada / Fiat Pattadon

    One of the series announced as part of GMMTV's 2020 lineup.